How to disable sound?

I just got the wyze v2 camera and I disabled the “record sound” option but I can still hear it when I check it on the app. Is there a way to have the camera not record sound at all?

I think you’re saying you can still hear sound when viewing the live stream? If so, this does not mean it’s being recorded. You can tap the speaker (sound) button/icon on the live stream to turn off the live sound.

Other than taping over the microphone hole on the camera, I know of no way to disable hearing the hearing of sound from the live stream (other than turning it off as described above).

how do you completely disable sound. I have the button on the off position but my camera is still picking up sound activating the app on my phone. I have my camera in my porch for security reason and when a car goes by I am being notified. I have another camera for my back yard and I am worried a dog barking will trigger it off. I just want to be notified for motion!

Hi @lorettag92,

To disable live sound tap the Sound icon on the live stream image so it looks like this: image .

To disable sound alert recording, go to Camera Settings (gear icon) > Event Recording and turn off the Detects Sound switch:

To disable recording of sound, go to Camera Settings > Advanced Settings and turn of the Record Sound switch:

For those that want to disable the microphone in the live stream, go to this wish list item and vote for it. It is not getting the love it deserves. After all, who wants to transmit private background conversations when you share a live stream of your fish bowl!


Agree, I would like the ability to turn OFF the mic for live streaming.

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