Hello Everyone.

Is there a way to completely shut off/disable the microphone in the WyzeCam V2. It would be nice to have a Microphone and Sound On/Off/Disable feature.

There is a option to turn off the sound. If you go click on the settings gear its under advanced settings and you simply turn off record sound. Now if you are thinking the camera is constantly sending audio over the mic to somewhere I doubt that fully.

However, if you are sharing the stream, you are sharing your private conversations too. So it would be really excellent if we could turn off that microphone.

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Why would you share your camera and visuals of a private area or house if you dont want the audio to go with it. I dont understand this. If Im sharing the camera its with someone I want to hear the audio too.

Picture this: You are sharing a fishbowl or a basket of kittens with your grandchildren. You wouldn’t want them listening in on all your conversations too.

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Then mute the camera as stated before. I believe it works on the shared end as well if you mute it. I could be wrong though.

You can mute it, but you have no control over whether they unmute it. Why all the resistance? What we are asking should be simple to implement, and is totally necessary IMO.


I agree the user should have full control of the microphone and sound features. I want the camera to only show video in some areas. The ability to DISABLE all audio settings for recording, streaming or sharing can be added in a firmware update. Not everyone like other people or electronic devices listening to every sound or conversations.

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For the case of shared cameras, here’s another #wishlist topic that readers of the thread may want to hop over and vote for:

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Thanks @Loki. That is also very important, as you wouldn’t want the people you share with to have the same authority as you to turn off the security options you select! :+1:

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Well if Wyze won’t allow users to disable the camera microphone then I guess I will have to pop it open and unsolder the microphone for sure it won’t be listening or sharing any audio. :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

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Simply removing the microphone would work.

I’m hesitant to allow recording inside my home while anyone is home as it could be taken out of context, or manipulated, and possibly used against me.

In the mid-90’s I attended a technical marketing seminar where they stated that the last bastion of privacy was in the consumers home, and that it would be a goldmine of information. It has taken awhile, but it looks like we are there now with the “Smart” devices listening and recording 24/7. Now, the last bastion of privacy is in your head, at least for a little while.

A question that I have is who has access to the Wyze camera stored videos and are they encryped at rest? Amazon has admitted that it retains audio from Alexa devices record and that it’s employees listen to that audio for quality control purposes. The security of the captured audio and video is only as good as the security controls on the AWS servers and Wyze’s access permissions. And there’s been plenty of AWS data breaches that demonstrate businesses fail to properly secure their AWS instances.

At this point, I feel it best assume that the Wyze camera video and audio may be compromised at any point and I use them in my environment with that understanding. I’m trading usage data for some services and convenience. And that is how many of these “Smart” products work.

It’s real easy to remove the microphone.

Ok Folks,
How do I turn off the microphone on the wyze cam? The cube.
I need to keep the microphone off.
Please send me your input.

You are not correct. There is currently no way to turn off/deactivate the microphone. As long as the camera is on the mic is capturing and broadcasting sound. This is a terrible lack of features. We should be able to completely deactivate shut off the mic.

I have learned the HARD WAY there is no turning off the microphone.

It has to be a item for the future builds. But is NOT on the short list in ANY PLANS for the future.

I have made it a request, but it is not going to happen anytime soon.

If you search there is a link to how to open the case and either clip the mic wire or tear the mic off the board. I decided to use a little drill bit to drill into the mic hole beneath the lens. Obviously risky but i was careful did it slowly and monitored the sound as i went so i stopped drilling when the sound went out.
Took only a minute or so. I would recommend this option only if, like me, youre willing to toss the cam. I had decided stop using the cam if i couldnt disable the mic. I listened, it was picking up conversations anywhere in the house.

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Yes, you could be, and actually are wrong.