Alexa & Sound

Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this or if this is normal, or possibly a setting in Alexa: On my pan camera, I have all sound settings off in the Wyze app., i.e. the Sound icon on Live Steam has an X; under Event Recording, Detects Sound is toggled off; under Advanced Settings, Record Sound is toggled off. I can yell at the camera all I want and I hear nothing through the camera or the app. Perfect.

When I ask Alexa to show me my pan cam, which then comes up on my Fire 8 HD tablet, if I yell at the camera, I hear the sound through the Fire 8 HD tablet. Not what I was expecting.

Can I stop that from coming through the Fire ( besides not yelling at the camera, LOL)? Is that how it is supposed to behave?


Same here!

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That’s probably the way it’s supposed to work. I’m glad it does. I would rather mute the sound on the device I’m using than have it off and have to go to some other device to change the setting.

You can probably say, “Alexa, mute the sound” and get the same effect. It works when I do that on my FireTV.

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