Viewing Wyzecam on Alexa with no sound control

I can view my Cams fine on Alexa but I can’t view it without the sound on.

I have my Alexa Show 8 on my desk connected to my computer speakers and when I try to view my Wyzecam V3 (mounted outside) the wind noise blasts me out of the room.

I can’t seem to bring up the cam without sound even though it’s off in the app. I don’t seem to see anything on Alexa Show that I can tap to turn off sound. I don’t want to issue another command to Alexa to turn off sound everytime I view a camera. Plus it would keep the sound turned off on Alexa for everything else.

Having just read your post I tried “Alexa, show the XXXX camera and mute the volume” on my Echo Show 8. It replied “OK” and did just that. When I finished it returned to the original volume setting on the device.

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Thanks Jerry, you are correct but again it requires a second command. Just wanted it to come up like iPhone already turned off and I have to turn it on to hear. I guess I can live with that. Thanks

Welcome back @barry2!
This is an interesting idea and I’m not sure if it would be possible. I do think you should add it to the #wishlist!

Thanks Jerry again ! I guess I didin’t read your post correctly. I tired the ALL-IN-ONE command and it works.

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same, good question! I don’t want to Mute Alexa… I need it for other notifications etc, I just want to mute the Wyze camera on Alexa… Is this Alexa thing or Wyze?

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Do you know how to make the sound come on?