Microphone Enabled on Amazon Alexa Show5

Today I enabled the Alexa skill to see my newly installed Wyze Cam2. This camera is installed outside with a birdhouse cover in the front of my house. When I view it on the Show 5, I can hear the audio even though I have it turned off in the app. I cannot hear anything when viewing through the app. I have restarted the camera from the app with no change in behavior.

Any thoughts?

That option only records sound. Doesn’t affect live view. At least as far as I am aware.

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I believe that is how it is intended. You and/or other people in the household can hear what is going on without needing to use the app to turn the sound on.

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I have 3 Echo Shows and they always play back the sound regardless of the app settings. I just say “Alexa, turn off the sound” if I don’t want to listen to outside noises.

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Thanks for the replies. If it’s an intended behavior, then I guess my next question is why I can’t hear sons on the other cameras?

I have 6 W2 and 1 Pan and only one is sending sound…

Can I enable microphone from Alexa/show so that the camera can work as speaker? Maybe this is called 2 way something?