Audio for Wyze Camera not working on Alexa Show

My wyze cam v3 is linked to my Alexa Show so I can view the camera fine but I can barely hear the auto from it. The Alexa itself is turned up pretty load and still the voices from the camera I can barely hear and they are extremely muffled.

Please help!

How does it sound from the Wyze app? (When I view my V2 cameras on a Show it’s actually pretty loud.)

Have the same issue here. Brand new echo show 5 with really low sound in v2 cams and no sound in v1 cams

Experiencing sudden issues with my Wyze camera audio connected to Alexa Show. The last two weeks, the audio on multiple cameras all worked perfectly. Now, there is basically no sound. Very minimal noises at times come thru appearing to be related to noises from the camera speaker, but they are so low and crackled you cannot make the sounds out.

Any idea?