Wyze Can Pan Audio

I have 4 Wyze Cam Pans, a slew of other devices already in my home, and more on their way. Yes, I have drank the Wyze cool-aid and it is delicious.Aall of my devices are updated as soon as I know there is a firmware update so I keep on top of that. All of Cam Pans are working great except for one feature. The issue we are having is the two-way audio works great but only one way. We can hear the Camera side in the app just fine but when talking into the app, the person at the camera just hears a static noise like the person talking into the app is eating the microphone as they talk. I don’t think there is a problem with the speakers because this happens on all of the Cam Pans and the other cameras we have are all outdoor cams and we have not used this feature on them. This is not a make or break issue for us as we only use it to remind the kids to be nice to each other or to remind the kids to turn something that is not Wyzeafied yet. Any information I can add to help to troubleshoot I’d be more than happy to provide. if anyone has suggestions to improve this or has the same issue would be great.

I am having the same issue with my Cam Pan. Can hear sounds through the camera, but when speaking into the phone app all that comes out of the Cam Pan is static/screechy noise.

Awesome, sherbie2, I am not going crazy.

I just purchased 3 cam pans…same issue. Loud static when trying to speak into android phone, even when using headset.

I am having the same issues