Cloud Person Detection update (02/21)

Hey awesome Wyze family,

It’s me again, hoping you didn’t get annoyed by my posts. It’s been a week since we started testing Cloud Person Detection. We’ve received some positive feedback but also some error reports. I want to give you a quick update regarding to the questions you’ve had so far:

  • How do I know I’m white-listed?

If you see the screen below in Account > Service > Person Detection, it means you are selected in the test and can enable Cloud Person Detection.

  • How can I submit the video to improve the model?

First, we identified a bug that makes our lovely “feedback” button invisible. We fixed the problem in the latest beta release. The new app was released on Friday for Android users and will be sent out on Monday for iOS users.

  • What can I do in addition to submitting videos?

For better training results, if it’s convenient for you, please help us by turning off the motion tagging (green box) on your cam.

  • How can I troubleshoot if person detection still doesn’t work?

First, check to see if CMC is enabled for that camera. Currently, Cloud Person Detection doesn’t work with CMC.

Second, try to turn the switch off and turn it on again. Then wait for approximately 1 hour and see if it worked.

  • Known issues:

a) V1 is supposed to be supported by Cloud Person Detection. If you cannot see it in your device list, that is a bug we are working on.

b) Vehicles with lights on at night may trigger person detection.

  • What’s gonna happen next?

We’ve collected several feedback videos through different channels. We’ll kick off another round of model training next week. And this time, since it is on the cloud, you can get the updated model as soon as it is deployed without the need to do another firmware upgrade.


Never get annoyed with update posts from Wyze, in fact more often is better!
Thanks for the update, Person detection is working well other than missing a few so far, but I think that was 5 minute cool down related.


I agree. I can’t say getting more updates from Wyze is a bad thing, I love all the posts and updates.

Person detection has been 90% or better success rate this far. I’ll be interested to see how it goes tomorrow. I plan to stress test by making trips around the house so all 8 of my cams have a chance to pick me up. I then plan to send my daughter around a few times since she is much smaller and harder to detect.


Just got whitelisted, turned everything on and turned off motion detection. Thank you for the update and as the others have said the more updates the better it’s definitely not annoying. We appreciate all that you do and have done so far to get this person detection up and running

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I’m whitelisted! Thank you!

QUESTION: Do I need to update firmware to my cameras or just updating my iphone app to the beta software, making sure it’s turned on, and waiting what I do?

I didn’t have to update any firmware. Got whitelisted turned on and off then it worked. Has been working great since (except for a couple of false + to cars) but they are working all of the bugs out

Why would you want to turn off motion detection ?

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he wrote motion detection, but I believe he meant MOTION TAGGING. the green box is called motion tagging and is something that would be seen by the AI and because ALL motion would have the green box around it if it were left on it would be understandable that the algorithm would come to understand that the box would be a common trait for " person" and would then lead to many false person detections due to bad “training”. by turning the green box (motion TAGGING) off it also wouldn’t obscure the actual person being tagged in the correct way and the AI could get a better view of what a person is, leading to better training.

motion detection has to be on otherwise the camera wont record at all and thus nothing would be sent to the cloud. you can only imagine how many times @WyzeShawn has to say the term motion detection vs. motion tagging in a day while developing this so it is understandable to say one and mean the other.


I believe you’re right @Bam. Motion Tagging has the green box.


I have person detection on for all of my cams and have just upgraded to beta 2.9.18 via TestFlight. Have turned PD off for 4 cams and back on, waited an hour and still have no ‘Share This Video’ link.
Any ideas?? @WyzeShawn?

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I will be nice. I do have a comment, but will follow the guidelines.

It’s only working on 1 of my 6 cams.

What’s up with that?

I also have six cameras. Found three were trying to work and three would not even show one person detection. Noticed that the three cameras that were picking up person detection were in one group. The ones that showed no response were in the other group. Ungrouped and they are picking up person detection.

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Is there a limit to the useful number of videos submitted as feedback? Since this feature first came out last year, I’ve probably submitted hundreds of videos for what is now five cameras. Some submissions are more unique than others. For example, sometimes a person carrying a huge box or wearing a hat.

I’ll continue submitting them, if they are used to improve the model.

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the more the better. the more variable the training sample, the more accurate the algorithm will be.

I’m sending in many false positives and I could be wrong but I already feel like my cat is being marked as a person less. maybe just wishful thinking at this point, but still.

How does one get whitelisted? I would love to try this on my seven cameras currently in use. Also I would like to see you change the mask for normal detection to a grid rather than just a rectangle. Also the minimum size for the current rectangle is too big for many applications. In my case I have a camera that faces out front that sees a large portion of the road, but I would like it to only get triggered by motion on my property not cars going by but this is not possible with the current mask size.

You can try this link for the waitlist. Wyze Andy posted it:

Still having problems with some of my cameras. Also, events are updating very slowly. Working on the problems.

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I have the “Person Detection is now provided by Wyze AI” message, but I have not updated the firmware on the cameras since before the service was removed.

Am I getting person detection anyway, just from the cloud service instead of the camera?

Thanks, I didn’t realize it didn’t work with CMC. That explains a lot.

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