Not getting person detected notifications with beta and CMC

I have complete motion capture on both my cameras and they both also have the latest beta version, in the events section I see so many clips with people walking by and the camera knowing they are there because of the motion boxes following them, I also always submit feedback on all clips. But I haven’t received any person detected notifications in a long time, hopefully there’s a fix coming soon.

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Person detection doesn’t work with CMC yet.


As @Whodat correctly stated CMC must currently be turned off on any camera you are using the person detection on.

Ok, I turned off CMC. Hopefully new update adds CMC support.

Having the same issue. Signed up for CMC and a beta tester of person detection. While CMC on, person detection doesn’t work. Wish they had told me that.

Hi, one of my wyzecam under CMC and has SD card on it. But it only captures motions once every 30 minutes.

We currently have an package theft investigation but all other non-Wyze brands cam captured the events, but Wyze cam2 didn’t capture the exact even, it however has clip 30 minutes before and after that event.

Emailed support to request help expedite investigation. Is there any suggestion?

**SD card was in, but it is emptied and I didn’t realize that at all until now.