Complete Motion Capture trial expired. Now Person Detection no longer works at all

I knew that enabling CMC would disable Person Detection. But now that my CMC Trial is expired and thus turned off, Person Detection no longer works at all!! No events. No notifications. Only regular ‘motions’ events work now.

Here is my event list the day before CMC trial expired (i actually turned off CMC altogether during the trial since it was blocking Person detection). Person Detection was working fine.

But heres the day my CMC Trial expired. Now i get ZERO person detection events which is definitely wrong:

My cameras are all on the latest firmware ( and ios App as well (2.10.72)

I also have Person Detection wyze service enabled as shown:

I’ve already tried powering off and on the cameras. Logging in and out of the ios App. Removing Person Detection service and re-adding it. Toggling the Person Detection notifications. NOTHING works anymore ever since the CMC trial expired.

Super annoying. How can i fix this without having to restore firmware or something? I’d rather not go back on my roof and crap just to manually restore them.

I’ve reported similar issue with no response.

It appears that a camera that was associated with CMC remains associated with CMC (and thus Person detection inoperable) after the CMC expires. Further, you can’t remove the camera from CMC if it is expired.

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Yep that sounds accurate to me. I even tried signing up and paying for CMC just to see if I can properly disable it fully but nope.

I’ve not had a single person detection event detected for over 5 days now. I regularly get tons just in one day.

what if uses a new user account?

Good diagnostics. This is unacceptable. (I don’t use either service but Wyze needs to fix this behavior.)

It is 6 days later (June 1st) and i finally got Person detection back! it literally just started working out of nowhere again. It was over a week of not getting a single PD event or notification. No idea why. But at least its back!

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I reset two Wyze Cams to move them to temporarily to a difference home. DIdn’t intend to activate Cam Plus, but accepted without realizing I did so. Now my trial is over and the camera is not sending notifications and the Person detection option on the iPhone app is missing. Hopefully they come back to life like ibastoff did. Wait and see. It’s only been two days. My other cameras still work fine. The Plus CAM option is per camera.

Same thing happened with two cameras I temporarily moved. Couldn’t activate without accepting the free trial, but after a couple of weeks motion detection started working again. Just figured out that to get person detection option on the app to return, on the app I had to go to Account, Services, and Person Detection and turn it back on.

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