My notifications stopped completely even though I have them enabled

it’s been this way for weeks. finally decided today to ask y’all what’s up. I have an IphoneXS and I have the notifications for people enabled on the app (for one camera and disabled on another camera) and also enabled in my iphone settings. I assume I’m doing something wrong? thanks!

Are you getting event videos atleast? Just no notifications? Have you restarted the camera lately? Double check to make sure your Wyze app settings?

yep i’m seeing events recorded. it says ‘complete motion’ and ‘motion’. when i click the ‘person’ tab it says there are no events. so i click the enable person detection and I enabled the camera that I would like it for (it was already enabled). it’s not a big deal but it would be nice to have notifications working whenever I leave the house you know?

Yep, understandable and agreed. It looks like you have CMC on a atleast one camera. Do you have CMC on the camera that you want person detection on? Currently you can have only one of those at a time. PD is currently still beta, and doesn’t work with CMC. That may be why you don’t get PD notifications, but the rest are working.


+1 on what @Omgitstony wrote. You can’t have both CMC and Person Detection enabled on the same cam… you have to choose one or the other at this time.

Also… make sure app-level notification is enabled. It’s on the Wyze app home page and also app home > Account > Notifications > Send Notifications toggle. Both are tied to each other… i.e., turning it off/on in one place also turns it off/on in the other place.


I deleted my CMC subscription. bummed to do that but thank you!