Wyze Person Detection doesn't support CMC after "early bird" offer?

Ok to begin, I am a CMC subscriber, so person detection has not worked since subscribing, that is until recently when Cam Plus was introduced. So PD started working again on 7/29 and has worked fine up until yesterday when I was emailed the “early bird special” and I used the offer. Immediately I was refunded for my previous subscription and assumed I did not need to take any other action. Now today when I checked my events history I noticed I was only receiving 12 second clips, not complete motion. So I checked my services menu and under CMC it offered a free 2 week trial. Clicked the free trial to turn the CMC back on and now PD is not working. When I click PD off then on again I am getting a pop up that states “At this stage, Wyze Person Detection doesn’t support CMC. The Wyze AI team is actively working on the solution to this.”

So my question is what did I do wrong that would make PD stop working when it has been working flawlessly for nearly 7 days? TIA

Is your app up to date?
There is no such thing as CMC any more. Your only option is CAM Plus.

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App states it is up to date and both screen shots just taken today.

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Ok there is an update for the app via Google Play… I’ll report back shortly.

In the app, do you see Account > Services > Cam Plus?

I do now that the app is updated. Hoping this solves the issue. Thank you!

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