Subscription Management (Wyze App)

It doesn’t look like Subscriptions found at Wyze Home Monitoring Service is connected to the Active Subscriptions on the Android App - I just added Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video and nothing changed on the app - is that correct?

Same with the iOS/iPadOS app, as I mentioned here and here. It is an active subscription, so seems like an omission to me.

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I am being told the only way to see you have it is on the website currently, but if you have signed up for the Legacy (name your price) Person Detection it applies to all the cameras so there is no need to add them in the app.

Hmmm, I just think the terminology should match. In the app it’s referred to as Person Detection (Pilot), which I’ve had (free) for months, and on the website it’s referred to as Name Your Price PD, which I signed up for last week. I feel that the difference in terminology is unnecessarily confusing. Shouldn’t one have replaced the other? In my opinion, in my case, Name Your Price PD should be displayed in both places, app and web, since it’s my only Active Subscription. :man_shrugging:

I had this other weird experience as I am a longtime customer and qualify for the Name Your Price - when I went to add the Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video it wouldn’t let me edit the price to anything other than $1.00 - Inv #1519966

The next day I went back to the Subscription Management site and was able to EDIT that transaction where I reduce to $0.00 as I feel I deserve it and have earned that right. A credit memo was automatically created Inv #1551976 and I now have a $0.00 subscription for the service from Oct 5, 2020 to Dec 5, 2069. Inv #1551977

If I didn’t go back to EDIT the transaction I would never been able to obtain $0.00 monthly subscription. Anybody else have that problem or experience?

I signed up for $0 on Aug. 24. My account shows an individual $0 CC trasaction for Aug. 24 and Sep. 24. No end date shown.
It’s odd that it would be set up differently.

I will have to check to be sure but I believe Person Detection (Pilot) may disappear at the deadline

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I tried this to replicate the issue and when you put 0.00 initially you get a pop-up that states the average cost and asks if you would like to change it to 1.00. You can then dismiss this dialog and the button will then allow you to move forward with the 0.00 amount. I am wondering if the reason it is not working for some is because they have pop up blockers and aren’t seeing the dialog

That is exactly how the initial invoice read then I went back and edited it to $0.00 and it now it says for the period (Oct 5, 2020 to Dec 5, 2069)

Hi @WyzeJasonJ I saw the pop-up that recommended something like $1.48 per month and I also saw the pop-up that said something like are you sure you won’t reconsider more than $1.00 - when I tried imputing a Custom Amount - it wouldn’t let me save $0.00 so I tried amounts less than $1.00 such as .25, .50 and .75 and those didn’t save. Hence I choose $1.00 and went back and edited it the following day -