Annoying Subscription Model - About to leave

I like almost all of the devices I have. They seem to be very reliable. None has glitched and stopped working, Occasionally, I will have to reconnect one of the devices. Mostly the PTZ camera.

But I have too many devices, hub, sensors, cameas, lights, etc. But it’s getting darn hard to keep track of what I have and what I’m paying for. And the subscriptions aren’t even synced. I have no idea what’s on subscription and what’s not. I guess I could go into the app and spend an hour looking, then trying to track down how much I’m paying, and when payments are due.

This is so annoying, it’s getting to the point I might just bail on Wyze.

They need a way of covering ALL devices, at a single subscription price, and a single renewing point. I think this is deliberate, to keep users from knowing precisely what they are paying for.

I have 16 cameras, a hub, door and window sensors, remote light switches, remote AC recepticals, etc. I just don’t have time to continually monitor all of this to know what’s expiring, what’s coming due, what’s not even covered?

Fix that or I’m gone.


You can view all your subscriptions on, and manage what devices are applied to what subscriptions in the services tab. You can access the services tab in the app, account > services.

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You should sign up for the unlimited plan for all of your cameras too


I didn’t even know they have an unlimited plan

I don’t see anything about my system, when I click the link. Just a bunch of advertizing on what Wyze wants to sell me.

Log into the page, and hit your account in the upper right corner. You should see subscriptions or something and when you click that there will be a list of everything you are paying for.


I’m already logged in. When I click my profile pic it takes me to a page that says something about

Sprinkler that I don’t have
Upgrade a cam to get something
And an item that shows I have home monitoring and how it’s paid,

NOTHING about my cameras, or what is on subscriptions.

I can see my services on my phone app. But there i shows many cameras, with many different expirations. I see no way to get any unlimited plan, for all my cameras. THAT’s THE PROBLEM

I have one camera on TRIAL (5 more days)
4 licenses on annual plan
1 license on annual plan
1 license on monthly plan
and one homemonitoring plan.
PLUS, a lot of cameras that I haven’t even installed yet.

How do I get ONE bill, to cover an unlimited number of cameras, so they are all renewed on the same date? And how much will that cost?

The fact I have to ask this, shows that the payment model sucks. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

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Cam Plus Unlimited is a Cam Plus plan and is located under Cam Plus:

Subscribe to Cam Plus Unlimited


So annoying. NOTHING is displayed on the I’m logged in, and all it shows is:
Sprinkleer, which I don’t have.
BonusCam plus, whatever that is, and
Home Monitoring.

Absolutely NOTHING about my system cameras.

I went to my phone, and clicked on one of my CamPlus, and one of my cameras, then got this error: Web licenses can’t be managed in the Wyze app. Please visit the Wyze website tomanage your subscriptions. But NOTHING is there.

I click on one of the other cameras that are licensed, and I can’t change those. All options are grayed out.

The only other thing I can change is the one that has the trial. When I click on that, it offers me the option for an unlimited plan, for $119.99, for 6 licenses.

If it’s specifying 6 licenses, is that my limit?

Like I said, I have 16 cameras. If I add more cameras, will I THEN have to pay more?

And, if I take that offer now, will it credit almost a year of remaining time on my current licenses, all with different expiration dates?

This is a ridiculous way to do business, ZERO people have showed me how to license all my cameras, on an unlimited plan (which seems to be capped to 6). Hardly unlimited.

Is there a person I can call to get this resolved?


Some up front info: Managing your subscriptions through the website will only work if you purchased the subscription directly from Wyze. If you purchased the subscription through the store within the app, those purchases are actually made from, and managed by, the App Store for your phone (Google Play).

Canceling an existing subscription so that you can assign the cam to CP Unlimited is different for Google Play. They will NOT give you a pro rated refund. Wyze will if you purchased from Wyze on the website.

When you go to and login to your account (I use Android Chrome), after I log in I then click my Avatar, then My Account. You will then see all your subscriptions and your billing info if you scroll down.

The Bonus CamPlus and the Sprinkler Plus are free bonus add ons that you get for being a Home Monitoring Subscriber.

You won’t see any information about which cam is assigned to which subscription, that has to come from the app Account Services tab.

If you do not see a CamPlus license in the Services Website, it is most likely because it is an App Store subscription.

You can tell how it was purchased in the CamPlus page in the app in the header of each subscription listed on the page.

The Unlimited plan is for 99 cameras.

I had 12 cams on 3 different licenses. But, I bought all those directly from the Wyze Website which is what I recommend simply for the cancellation and refund policy. I bought the 99 cam Unlimited on the annual term, assigned all my active cams over to it, then cancelled all my old subscriptions from the website and was refunded the unused portions of the subs, each of which had different expiration dates.

Subscription terms start on the date of purchase.

The first step is to look to see how the subs were purchased and go from there.


Wow I got tired just skimming this thread. :frowning:

It does sound like a lot of effort.


This comment makes my thread title even more relevant. WHY on God’s green earth, would a company have two different groups collecting subscriptions. AND NOT TELL USERS UPFRONT?

I almost feel like demanding my $1000+ investment in Wyze products.

But I’m going to give this ONE MORE TRY. I don’t mind cancelling my google crap. Can’t stand being tied to them. Even more annoying to be tied, without knowing it.

I will cancel, then go reregister everything through Wyze? Will that work, or will cancelling google, cause more issues. Everything is working fine now, I just want one fee for all my cameras, and one time to make the payment.

Also, if I reregister everything through the Wyze website, will the app still work? Or will it try to trick me into putting everything back on google?

I know it’s confusing, but that’s the only way for it to work. For many users, it’s easier to buy it through the app, but then Apple or google have full control. It’s their policies, not Wyze.

If you purchase through Wyze website, everything will work in the app and you will have full control as well as a pro rated refund if you ever decide to cancel the web subscription.

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One last question. Steps barney style.

  1. Cancel my Google subscriptions. Check
  2. Go to Wyze, and buy the unlimited CAM pack. Check
  3. Then, how do I register my cameras? How will the app know I have registrations via Wyze?

I just want to make sure I know the process of getting the apps to see my cameras, and that they are registered, if I don’t use google. And I need this info before I cancel Google subscriptions.


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I would suggest doing it the other way around.

  1. Buy CamPlus Unlimited in the website
  2. Verify in the app when you reopen it that the subscription is now listed in the Account → Services tab under CamPlus
  3. Unassign all cams from old Play Store subscriptions
  4. Assign all cams to new Unlimited subscription
  5. Cancel old subscription(a) from Play Store (you will not get any refund for unused portion)

Because the app is distributed by the Play Stores. If you want your app distributed by the Play Stores, you have to also give them a cut of the in app purchases. That is their monopoly :money_mouth_face: money. Pay to Play.

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Should work as smooth as a Gravy :sandwich: Sandwich.

After you have all your cams reassigned to the CP Unlimited License, you will need to open the settings and verify they are all correct.

As I recall, the only setting that gets reset to default on are all the Smart AI Event Recording settings. But I always run through the Detection settings and Notification settings as well just to be safe.

So, beating this dead horse, there is nothing special about Google Play Store. You can load an app from any location. Wyze can have the app downloaded from their website. I’ve downloaded apps from sites other than Google, without any issues. You might get a nag warning about downloading from unknown site, but it still works just fine. :smile:

That did occur to me. I just wasn’t sure the app would know about it. I will get the subscription first, then cancel google. I actually wish I could cancel Google entirely from my phone.

I am not on the inside. I don’t really know what the terms of the agreement are between Wyze and the Play Stores. What I do know is that Wyze uses their purchase processing for all in app purchases. That is why I will always advocate going direct to Wyze for purchases to any user I encounter with the question.

It should populate into your subscription tab soon after being activated on your account.

Since you are on an Android Operating System which is owned by Alphabet (Google), the only option for you is iPhone or another 3rd world OS that has very limited app compatibility.