Keep getting notices that I haven't signed up for person detection when I have

I signed up for person detection for name your price back when I first got the email to. Since then I keep getting notices saying I haven’t signed up yet and am going to lose my person detection. Each time I get this email I go on and try to re-add it again to make sure I’ve signed up, it always says I’m already signed up for this service. Today I got an email saying “person detection is gone and here’s how to get it back…”. Again, I checked and it says I still have it and can’t sign up again and something about changing quantity. Due to financial reasons I am still on the legacy free plan and want to make sure I don’t lose it. If anyone with Wyze can check my account and help me out I’d appreciate it. Thank you

Same here. I keep getting notifications that my person detection is ending or has ended even though it’s on my account and they have already charged me a few times now.

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In the Wyze app under Account > Services > Person Detection (Pilot) you should see a list of your cameras. At the bottom it should say, “Thank you for supporting Wyze Person Detection program.”.
If you have that you are subscribed.