Wyze cam v3 - person detection & detection zone

Have been using person detection (not wyze cam plus) on my v2 cameras for some time and upgraded to a few v3’s. I have the latest firmware and saw on the wyze site that as of now v3 doesn’t support person detection. I have the v3’s outside where I need person detection the most, any idea when it will be available? On v2 cameras you can “fine tune” the detection zone (an update from not too long ago), v3 is still the “old style” expand & shrink a rectangular box to highlight the detection area. Any idea when and if v3 will have this feature? Thanks…

It won’t.

Unless they change their mind. Legacy person detection is only for V2s and Pan Cams. You will probably need to purchase a CamPlus subscription for each of your V3s. Good luck.