Person notifications latest firmware

V1 and v2 cameras lost person detection notifications with latest firmware update. My only options now for notifications are motion and sound, no person. Any idea how to get the person notifications back?

Reload the old firmware.

Maybe related…

Cams are not easily accessible so hoping for a different option. If I’m gana have to physically access the cams, I might as well replace them with a better more reliable solution while I’m at it.

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I was able to get person detection working again by reassigning the cam’s Plus license to a different camera, then back again. Simply removing the license and adding it back again would probably have also worked. YMMV.

Same issue with latest beta app, I forgot to mention I too have the pilot ala cart person direction and verified I’m still subscribed under services. Also noticed my bridge devices are offline, I can fix it with a camera reset but it eventually goes offline.

That is why I don’t automatically upgrade cams without knowing what’s going to happen.
You might try to contact support. They may have an old version (or special version) of the app that allows one to change to an older firmware.
That was an extremely nice feature.
I just went through my “Firmware Update” on the Account app page.
I’ve 2 cams that are up to date and over 2 dozen others that are not. Many are just 1 or 2 firmwares old. Many are stuck back on 4,9.5.28. Still working.

About 2 years ago I did a mass upgrade of Beta software on about 7 cams and had to go to each one and do a hard reboot to get them working.

Learned my lesson.

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