Hating my Wyze cam w/o person detection (Beta app v2.8.16)

I upgraded firmware today and lost person detection; a colossal mistake. I’m now hating my Wyze cam. Even with the detection zone trimmed down tight, I am getting false alerts from headlights. The Wyze camera is a lot less valuable now. I had to disable detection which is a key feature for which I selected this camera. Hope the development team works faster to create a useful detection system.


Reflash, with the old version. Unless there is something you need even more in the new FW.

If the version you had that worked is not on the release notes @WyzeGwendolyn or someone should be able to send you a good copy, unless you run Beta, (Beta can usually revert).

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Firmware is available on the release notes page.

Sorry to hear about how this has impacted you, @mark.bergman! We are working on our homemade solution and look forward to having that option available for you later.


Hi @mark.bergman. I have moved your topic to the #beta category. Please verify which version of the app you have installed. I’m not sure what the current iOS beta version is. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, but that is the firmware. I need to know what iOS app version you have installed. :slight_smile:

iOS app 2.8.16 running on the most current iOS and iPadOS

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Just turning on the outside lights (camera is mounted on the inside of a window looking out) causes a false motion alert.

Do refresh to old firmware work in this case? I think the default setting was person detection off even with the firmware that has person detection. And according to Wyze, you can’t enable person detection software anymore if it is not already enabled.

I might be wrong but my understanding was once the person detection had been turned off you would not be able to re-enamble it, my assumption was whatever got removed on the server side broke the enabling process. So even flashing an old firmware would not allow it to start working once it stopped

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The AI part runs on the camera so flashing the old firmware should work. I ignored the firmware update notice and everything is working fine for me.

You are correct the AI runs on the firmware but there are items that run on the server, basically the part that gives you the actual notification. I am not sure why but they have said if you turn it off or replace firmware or app it will make it not work and you will not be able to re-enable it. I may try it later on one of the ones that I don’t really need person detection on and see it I upgrade then go back if it will actually kill it.


That’s how I understand it too. I still have the person detection avaliable, and I am not about to turn it off and turn it on to test this! LOL. My Wyze cam sitting outside looking at my front door. I used to have an Arlo cam which is $200 sitting outside and anyone could just take it off the base (mounted on a magnet) and take it. So now I have a $25 Wyze cam instead just resting on a table not even screwed on to any base. If someone wants to take it, it is only $25. I did try it without person detection and every single shadow (trees and bashes) moved by the wind triggered a motion notification. I basically get an notification every 5 min making it useless. The person detection works really well even though I would miss one here and there, but in general it is accurate. I guess if I am using the cam indoor, person detection would not be as important unless I have a pet or something.

can i update the beta app without disabling the person detection?

Bottom line here is that it’s going away. It may be possible to hang on a while but the writing is on the wall and Wyze is moving forward to stand on their own and provide a replacement. Hanging on here obviously comes at a price of missing any new items.

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Move your camera. Person Detection was “nice” feature" as it was free, but to be fully honest, I would never trust it for "notifications. Far too many false positives (pets, shadows, etc) as well as no notifications at all (when people should have been detected).
I have found that cameras are working outstanding, “bare bones” - once a good combination of location and basic settings have been found.

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Exactly Mr. Wellcraft !
I’ve not found the need nor the accuracy of the detect.
Proper placement has yielded positive results, less all the nonsense of “yet than perfected software/firmware.
For $19… the overall performance and picture quality is stellar.


:cry: I agree. But FYI - Xnor.ai just pulled the rug out from under Wyze recently. Looks like this is because Apple bought them (Xnor.ai).

If Wyze survives their current growth spurt my money is on their replacement product being superior Hope I’m right!