2.8 Beta release

App Version:

2.8.16 (iOS)

2.8.21 (Android)

Here are the app release notes:

Prepared for XNOR removal with the firmware upgrade

Improved the device setup experience

Added suggested device names

Added “eject microSD card”

Added keypad support for Wyze Lock

Added power loss status recovery for Wyze Bulb

Added recommendations to update very old Wyze Cam firmware

Camera firmware version:




Here’s what’s happening with the camera firmware:

Removed XNOR person detection

Added support for ejecting microSD cards

Improvements for syncing video and audio

Fixed events video make noise when camera disable sound record with CMC service enabled

Other bug fixes

Bulb firmware version:


Here’s what’s happening with the bulb firmware:

Support power loss recovery feature

Suggested test areas:

XNOR AI removal after firmware upgrade

New device setup experience

Suggested device names feature

“Eject microSD card” feature after firmware upgrade

Power loss recovery feature after firmware upgrade

Known issues:

CMC event video actual time is different from the Event tab listing

CMC event videos still show motion tracking frames in the last 15 seconds

Camera upgrade time will be longer due to multiple reboots

Wyze Bulb firmware update pop-up occurs even with the bulb fully upgraded

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Has it been confirmed what will happen to person detection for those who don’t upgrade the app or firmware for a short while? The way your APIs & notifications work on your backend, will person detection/notification break or keep working until we upgrade?

Apple’s latest AI acquisition leaves some Wyze cameras without people detection

This was a major selling point of Wyze’s affordable cameras

just rumored, that’s why xnor ask to stop in the middle of Jan

I appreciate the comment, but it doesn’t address my question at all.


I do not remember where I saw it (pretty sure on Facebook) but if you do not update the app or firmware it will remain

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Users have shared their guesses. I’m looking for an answer from Wyze. Although person detection occurs on the camera, their APIs would need to continue to support knowing about it. Will it be tagged in events? Will it send person detection notifications?

Of course, I can just wait and see, if Wyze won’t answer. It will either stop working at some point or not.

The answer I referenced was from a WYZE employee, was just having issues finding the exact post.

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Im 95% certain that no Wyze employee has stated such anywhere, and 99% certain they didn’t on FB.

Well I will not argue, I will just call in @WyzeGwendolyn for the answer.


Hello! Jason21271 did a great job of paraphrasing my comment from Facebook when someone else asked about this. Thanks for the help and tag, Jason! :slight_smile:

If you do not update your app and firmware, you will keep person detection. We are working on our solution and look forward to having it ready for folks to test later.


So if there are app or firmware features we wanted, I could upgrade the app on my tablet, and on cameras that don’t use Person detection, but on my phone I don’t update the app, and those un-updated cameras will still only notify me when a Person is detected.

Glad their contract never considered, or purposely omitted this scenario.

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The only thing I would worry about in that scenario, and I don’t know how it would work to be honest, but if downloading the new app on the tablet turned off person detection you would not be able to re-enable it even if you went on the old app. They have mentioned that if you turn off person detection even by accident you wont be able to re-enable it.

So, if I update. The PlayBack issue might be fixed but I lost the Person detection.

Both of the features are important to me.
A Blue and Red pill scenario.