What’s new in V2 firmware version

What’s new with V2 firmware version When I click on “What’s new?” there’s no info for version.

It’s beta, so they might not specify that until it’s released. I can tell you that Xnor.ai Person Detection was removed. And the Playback feature was improved (dramatically), but I don’t remember all the changes.

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Here’s what it says in the beta version app explanation as to the changes

Prepared for XNOR removal with the firmware upgrade
-Improved the device setup experience
-Added suggested device names to setup
-Added “eject microSD card”
-Added keypad support for Wyze Lock
-Added power loss status recovery for Wyze Bulb
-Added recommendations to update very old Wyze Cam firmware

But remember this is beta and things can change at any time

Well, that’s for the updated beta Wyze app, not the actual camera firmware.

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Yes you are correct that is my mistake

why is Xnor being removed?

I remember seeing a post about that somewhere here, but you’d have to search for it. I never used person detection, since it doesn’t work with the PIR motion sensors, so I didn’t read the post…

found the reason that Xnor no longer partner with WYZE.


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Here’s what’s happening with the camera firmware:

Removed XNOR person detection

Added support for ejecting microSD cards

Improvements for syncing video and audio

Fixed events video make noise when camera disable sound record with CMC service enabled

Other bug fixes

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thanks for the clarification directly on the forums :nerd_face:

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Just read apple purchased Xnor. Ai


Thank Apple for taking away the person detection feature from us. They obviously don’t want cheaper devices out there with the same functionality that they are going to put into there own expensive cameras and phones.