Ugrade or keep xnor firmware?

I have 7 Wyze cams and 2 more landing tomorrow. Only 2 of them are v1 rest are v2 or pan.
I have read through all the forums but cant come to a conclusion. With current firmware and Cam Plus should I upgrade firmware? Is the current person detection better? I purchased cam plus for 4 cams but haven’t assigned it yet. Is xnor going to be turned off? From what I have read its built into the firmware and not really sure if it will be disabled. Im guessing they can terminate the notifications on the backend if they wanted to, It seems lately im having issues with Wyze sensors. I cant get the sensors to connect or re pair. Guessing its due to firmware…
Thanks in advance…

You should probably just upgrade everything to current versions. It seems as if even Xnor equipped cameras are using the “cloud” person detection anyway, although that is not at all clear.

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Going to upgrade 4 cams and try it out. I think some of the other issue I have might be worth the upgrade.