Room for improvement, i am struggling with some of wyze cam features

Hi All,
First of all, i want to say thank you to Wyze team that make it a reality for people to own some of the smart gadgets at an affordable pricing.

After using Wyze for almost 2 years now, here are a few things that i think Wyze lost it’s focus (maybe due to the pandemic and worker limitation?).

  1. Software upgrades for Cams. Most recent upgrades occurred today at X.X.X.160. But when i clicked into “What’s New”, the page isn’t updated with what’s the upgrade is about. This has been lacking since March2020, the only update i saw was X.X.X.156.

Maybe Wyze team can start pick this back up and provide informative detail to users on what’s change.

  1. Device Automation. I have set device trigger automation, IF Cam detects a person, THEN turn on the light bulb.
    I had tried this many times. I create, reset, delete and recreate the rule, nothing works.

Maybe is the person detection issue? If i change it to IF Cam detects any motion, THEN turn on the light bulb. Then this works almost everytime.

  1. In the past, i remember there’s an option to go through the 12 seconds, and select If the PERSON detection is real or fake, so that we can help to teach the AI what’s real person and what’s not. Was this feature/option removed?
    Right now, i can only see “Submit this video to Wyze to help research”…i don’t understand this option, research on what??

Any readers or Wyze team that read this, please comment and share opinion so that we can learn together. Thanks a million.

Hello! Let me take a run and this and hopefully answer some questions for ya.

  1. Are you a beta user? The x.x.x.156 firmware is the most recent production release of the firmware and has its release notes and change log here. Beta firmware does have any accompanying release notes beyond some posts in the beta section on the forums here.

  2. I wonder if the camplus change has effected the way this trigger works for users. I am not a camplus user or PD user so I’ll step back and see if some folks that use these have input on their experiences.

  3. I believe that is the same thing. The wording for shifted with the change to camplus.

  1. As @Omgitstony said, beta firmware doesn’t have release notes other than the forum.

  2. This doesn’t work consistantly with Person Detection (Pilot), although WYZE insists that it does. It does work fairly well with CAM Plus’ longer clips.

  3. Same feature you just don’t select if a person was detected of not. I’ve never seen WYZE explain how they would like this used. All clips, correct clips or incorrect clips.

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Thank you @Omgitstony and

  1. how do I know if I am a beta user? I got many upgrades to my devices but there weren’t any notes released except the one with x.x.x.156.

  2. yeah I was using the PD (pilot). Usually it works on my cam detection and I got the right notification. But when I use this with trigger automation, it just didn’t want to work.

When you look at the app icon on your Phone is it called Wyze or WyzeBeta?

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Ah i see, mine is showing BETA.
I didn’t know how i get into BETA, but i will continue to use it then.

If you’re using Android you signed up in the Play Store.
If you’re using Apple, switch to Android because I don’t know much about Apple. :grin:
Kidding, easy Apple fans.

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