Fix CamPlus

I would like Wyze to fix CamPlus so that notifications and detections work as advertised. I have a camera configured to record and notify me of people and vehicles, which is a function used as a sales topic for CamPlus. The notifications don’t work unless you set the app to notify you of ALL motion, which defeats the purpose of CamPlus.

Wyze needs to fix this or suspend/extend CamPlus subscriptions or refund those subscription fees since the product doesn’t perform the functions as designed.

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You can set it to only people, for instance, but it has to record all motion so it can then decide what us in it. The way mine are setup it records all events but I only get notified if there is a person


It doesn’t do any notification unless you select all motion, which is not the intended use. I want notification ONLY for a person or vehicle. See the attached screen shot…no notification for the event was received.

And on another note, this IS a product enhancement for Wyze to fix…it isn’t anything that a user can repair.

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Yup…fully aware which is why I submitted this as a “wish list” item for Wyze to fix. I also find it annoying that Wyze feels they can charge a subscription fee for something that doesn’t work as advertised.

This from the Camplus web page:

Person Detection

Wyze Cams come with motion detection alerts, but they can’t tell a tree from a person. Cam Plus gives you the option to only receive alerts when a person is detected.


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What We’ve Got Here is Failure to Communicate

Like the reference, but what is the communications failure, exactly?

IMHO, there are a few instances where Wyze documentation comes up a little short, meaning somewhat unclear or not adequately in-depth. Such as documentation for the outdoor camera travel mode, selecting the Wi-Fi network as the camera network, and then what… do you have to leave your phone connected to the camera during the entire away from home attempts to use it?

You’re right about the unclear documentation. But in this case it is misleading advertising and charging subscription fees for a software package (CamPlus) that doesn’t work as described by sales literature. I do understand that to work CamPlus needs motion video so that it can detect and flag people, vehicles and packages. However, the literature Claims that you can configure alerts only for people, only for vehicles, etc. which doesn’t work. I have my one camera configured that way and I NEVER receive an alert for either people nor vehicles. It only works if I turn on notification for all motion, which causes far too many alerts.

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