AI only motion

I have multiple v3’s outside and I get notifications when shadows from trees are moving across the grass. Thought I could drop sensitivity but that didnt help. I would like to see if there is a way to just enable Person detection in cam plus to be the only Motion notification so the nuisance shadows will stop hitting my event log and pinging my phone. There was a similar topic here in 2022 but it showed options that do not exist in my app. FIrmware and app up to date.


You can enable AI only notifications from within the camera’s notification settings if you have cam plus or cam plus lite. Are you not seeing this setting? Could you send a screenshot of the settings page?

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Click into notifications settings

Here you go.

Cam plus V3

What actual app version are you using? what actual firmware version is on the camera?

Appreciate the mentioned firmware and app are up to date from the get go, but without actually saying the firmware version or app version, there are still questions to be had. There are different firmware branches (production/beta) that state “up to date”, there are firmware version that were paused and state up to date, so please do state the actual firmware version and app version when ever there is a need. Thanks in advance!

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The last picture you sent in this email does not seem to exist on my app.

Android mar 8 update