Turning Notications off for certain motions

Is there a way to turn notifications off for vehicles only. I live on a busy street, my front door faces that street, and there is no way to angle my camera so that it doesn’t recognize every car that drives by

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I am currently running beta firmware. This firmware will allow you to select what AI to notify on. If you do not see that option, then the only way to not be notified of a vehicle is to turn off the event recording vehicle AI option.

Also, in the notifications area, make sure you don’t have all other motion selected. That will also send notifications on all movement.


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This feature has just been introduced in the V3 with the latest firmware release. The release is being updated to cams incrementally, so it my not show up as available on your V3 for firmware update yet. It should be pushed to your account in the near future.

If you would rather, you can manually flash the firmware to your cam by downloading it to an SD card and installing it.

Download for the V3

HI @jackson.abby33 - with the latest FW release on V2, Pan V1, V3 and Pan V2 - you can do this.

Can you tell me which device model you have and the FW version?