Suggested Filter by Type of Item Detected

My camera points out from a window, and I get AI notifications when there is motion, vehicles, people, etc. The motion notifications happen most often when trees are blowing. On windy days, I get buzzed constantly on my phone every time a tree waves in the breeze, since the camera picks up the motion.

I would love to be able to change the AI notification settings so that I get notifications only from people and vehicle events, and exclude pure motion events.

As far as I can tell, there is no way currently to ask the app to filter the notification based on the type of event detected. That feature - to provide greater control of what event notifications are sent to my phone - would be a great improvement.

Welcome to the forums! First order of business is what camera are you using? It appears you have a camplus license on the camera But since different cameras have different interfaces will need to know what type of camera you’re using to help navigate to the menus.


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Adding on from what @Omgitstony asked… Please also post the Firmware version of the cam you are using.

The ability of the app to designate what specific types of Motion Events are uploaded to the cloud, set in the Event Recording settings, and which types of uploaded events produce a Push Notification, set in the Notifications settings, is determined by the Cam Firmware. Some cams have it, some don’t. For the cams that have it, it may have a slightly different UI than others or it may be absent in the cam settings if the cam has older Firmware that needs to be updated.