Smart Event Recording Enabled Now?

So I just received the latest Wyze e-newsletter stating that Smart Detection now filters out not only notifications but also filters out the RECORDING of videos to your smartphone. This is a most welcome enhancement as it hopefully obviates the need to have to perform manual bulk deletes of non-AI events.

My question: will this feature enhancement require an update to one’s iOS or Android app? I ask because as of this morning (12/2/22) there doesn’t appear to be any change to the settings. The newsletter article stated that there will now be an option of ‘ENABLE RECORD MOTION EVENTS/SMART DETECTION EVENTS’ under Event Recording. I still don’t see that on my iOS app (3.7.2). I’ve still got the ‘old’ Event Recording settings screen which shows ‘Detects Motion’ and ‘Detects Sound’ and then a separate ‘Smart Detection’ setting below. I’ve got the latter set for ‘Person Detection’ only but as of this morning my iOS app is still recording all motion-triggered events including those that are unwanted (like headlights of passing cars causing reflections on the cars parked in our driveway). Also I’ve found that I must keep the ‘Detects Motion’ setting enabled along with any Smart Detection settings I might have enabled. If I enable only the Smart Detection settings, the phone records nothing at all. I assume this was the way the ‘old’ Cam Plus service was supposed to work prior to this new feature supposedly being added to filter out recording of non-AI events?

Can you tell me what app version you are running and the firmware version on one of the cameras you are trying it on?

App version can be found by going to Account > About


iOS app version is And for what it’s worth I’m running iOS 15.6.1
My Cam V3 firmware is, which I believe is the latest.

Your app is up to date and your firmware is as up to date as it currently can be, there was a newer firmware issued but we had to halt it. I am checking but the change may be in the next app version (2.38) which got help up and should be out soon, it is currently in beta.

Edit: It was also brought to my attention that the firmware will need to be upgraded. The option became available after but as I mentioned we had to halt the firmware due to an issue.

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Thanks, Jason. That’s actually what one of your colleagues told me a couple of weeks ago when I first installed the camera. I would have been surprised if this could have been implemented WITHOUT a firmware update! But no worries. I’m just glad to hear that the feature hasn’t been released yet. I look forward to the new release.

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This feature looks to be available as it appears on the event recording page, but only for the v2 and the v3 Pro. :slightly_frowning_face:
v2 & v3 pro:


Why no love for the v3?
Can someone confirm this?

+1 to this request for whether Smart Event-only recording will be a feature added to the next firmware update for the ‘basic’ V3. I was led to believe by a couple of interactions with Wyze tech support that this WOULD be added for the V3 and not just the Pro model.

The Smart Detection Events AND the Smart Events Notifications toggles features you noted are available on multiple different cams. These features were added through a Production Firmware Update. The Pan V1 and V2 were the first to get this a long time ago.

It is being added to each cam as it is being programmed into the firmware release for each.

The V3 cam DID get this feature upgrade in a Production Release Firmware Update on October 14th. It was released in both and again in However, BOTH of those releases were halted soon after released because of unrelated bugs that needed to be fixed.

This feature is also available in the current Beta Release Candidate build that is undergoing final testing now for any Beta Tester who wishes to install it. I have 6 cams running .3346 and 8 cams running .2864. All have the features.

These features will be in the next V3 Firmware Production Release.