Notification Problem - iPhone - Cam Plus - 1 Pan Cam

Hi- I searched and read a few other support posts on notifications before posting but here’s my issue:

Had 1 Wyze Cam Pan set up with event recording and notifications ON CAM PLUS FREE TRIAL for about a month. Was working great on iPhone 6s. But then I subscribed for a year subscription a few days ago and right around then it seems I stopped getting event notifications. When I enter the app, it shows the camera recorded events, however I haven’t noticed any Person triggered events like I used to have even with my dancing in front of camera. ??

1- Notifications for camera in gear icon is enabled.
2- Bell icon on Wyze app homepage does NOT have a slash through it.
3- iOS notifications Lock Screen, Notification Center, sounds all enabled.
4- I have deleted the iOS app and reinstalled and that doesn’t do anything.
5-I tried “restart device” from app.
6- Seemingly unrelated, I have been having problems with camera not recording any events until I power cycle it manually by unplugging power and plugging back in and then events come back. But power cycling it did not fix this notification issue.

The only thing I haven’t tried is deleting the camera from the app and starting over.

Any suggestions?

I’ve got three version 3 Wyze Cams on the way so want to make sure I know how to fix this.


Welcome to the Forum Community, @Geometric!
Things I would immediately suggest are:

  • Power Cycle the camera

  • Be sure your firmware and App are the current versions. The cam should prompt you for a firmware upgrade when you load the camera main screen, but you can check under settings. Information on Firmware here.

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Thanks for your speedy reply. This is what I tried just now:

Confirmed firmware already up to date.
Deleted the camera from the app.
Deleted the app.
Unplugged Pan Cam.
Rebooted iPhone.
Reinstalled app.
Re-added Pan Cam.
Getting notifications now though still just saying motion rather than person all the time. That’s fine by me as long as the AI does detect something and sends me a notification.


EDIT: Reminder: if you have cam plus subscription and you delete and re-add the camera, remember to enable it under Account–> Services

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