Notifications why am I not getting any

I have cam plus but if someone was to walk in front of my camera I have a v3 and pan v3 and I get no notifications, I check my settings and see nothing is missing or selected.
Ain’t you supposed to get something to alert you of it.
Ain’t that the purpose of the notifications and even the subscription of cam plus to warn or show you at the time of something going on.
I should not have to check back footage if or see if anything happens which seems the case.

Also regarding the v3 pan cams when I scroll around looking at a room it just scroll back to a position the camera seems to like.
But I’m trying to focus on a particular area and it just scrolls away from that area on its own which can be annoying

Can you send a screenshot of the event recording and notification settings for the camera? Also, check that the bell icon on the home page is not crossed out.

For the pan v3, try disabling motion tracking and pan scan.

While the Cam Notifications setting may be on, if the Event Recording settings aren’t on, no upload video will be sent to the server to trigger a notification.

Verify in the Account → Services page that the cams are assigned to Cam Plus.

Verify that the Bell :bell: in the upper right of the Home page is not muted.

Verify that the “Record Motion Events” toggle in Event Recording is on.

Verify that your phone doesn’t have notifications from the Wyze App silenced or snoozed.

If you have a Detection Zone set, the cam considers that your Home Position and will return there after a short time. You must disable it to keep it from returning there. Same goes for the Waypoints if you are using Pan Scan.