Pan v3, event log recordings, but no phone notifications

I recently purchased the Pan v3 and I already subscribe to Cam PLUS. I have event recording turned on, device notifications turned on, and push notifications turned on in my iPhone settings. I still don’t receive notifications on my phone. I can see event recordings in the event log for the Pan v3.

I did notice what could be a glitch? (Unless it says this for everyone.) Even though Notifications and Sound Events are turned on under Device Notifications, there is a blurb at the bottom of that screen: “:information_source: You can’t turn on notifications until you enable Event Recording” with a clickable link to the Event Recording section. Lo and behold, they’re already all turned on. :neutral_face:

This is a known issue, it’s just a visual bug and doesn’t actually mean your event recording settings are not working.

For the notification issue, make sure the bell icon on the Home Screen doesn’t have a slash or click icon on it.

The bell icon looks normal.

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The PanV3 (latest firmware has the new granular AI recording and Device Notification settings.

Check to be sure that your Device Notification settings for the cam reflects the types of AI Notifications you want to receive.

If you want to be notified of ALL motion events, be sure that “Other Motion Events” is checked.

Also, the newest app update has changed some of the notification channel options for the Wyze Global Notification Sound. This can be toggled in the Account → Notifications → Push Notifications → Sounds settings from the Wyze Sound to the System Default . Not sure if it may be related to that recent change. I don’t use iOS so I can’t test it.

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