My Cam Plus went Cam Unlimited by itself, cameras removed from services, cannot add back, no Cam Plus features available

Glad it works in some way. Yes, unfortunately the reset service is going to reset all the AI settings to default (person/pet/package/vehicle on, and rest are off). We will work on improving it.

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Our developers are working on an automatic fix in the backend so that you don’t have performance it manually, can you submit a log id so that I can have dev team to take a look whether yours are fixed? We will work on a service level reset button soon so that customers can do rest for all cameras with one click. Thanks!


Hi, Jammer. Do you mind to submit a log and send me the logid so that I can have a look? Thanks!


Yep, same issue as the rest. Happened between 10:43 and 10:52 AM. I will try and patiently wait for it to be fixed, hopefully soon.

Thank you doublej48fan! If you can submit a log and send me the logid, so that I can check in the backend to make sure our fix is taking effective. Thanks!


Another black eye for Wyze on a poor roll-out that breaks things. Like others, I’m very disappointed with how this always seems to work…roll-out new app/product and break working things. Very poor show…

This was the rollout of the new service plan structure from WYZE.

  • The CamPlus plan has been renamed to Cam Unlimited.
  • WYZE is updating its data behind the scenes, so issues you are seeing may be resolved by now.
  • If your camera does not see the services it should, go into camera settings and click “Reset Services.”
  • Check the other settings of your camera, such as Detection Settings, Event Recording, and Notifications and update the settings as needed, as they may have been set back to default values.
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I had the same, I got the notification about the new cam unlimited package & all of a sudden I had thousands of notifications of motion without smart detections.

I couldn’t enable them in the settings or change anything as it my cameras weren’t on any package.

I tried to reboot the cameras but it didn’t work.
I needed to “reset services” manually on each camera to make AI detection work again.

Everything seems fine afterwards

Hi, GabboCH. Sorry for hearing what happened, do you mind to share a log id or a customer support ticket so that I can take a look at the issue for you? Thanks!

As I mentioned, I manual “Reset Service” on each cam and now they are all working again.

Smart detections options appear in the settings and notifications are working according the settings (e.g. smart notifications only).

They have been working fine since.
I didn’t submit a ticket or any error logs.


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I do not know if this is related, but ever since this newest update, I no longer get any push notifications. I usually see a # on the Wyze App logo (android) to know of any recent detections. But I dont get these anymore. I can open app and go to events and see the current ones. But without getting a sound or even push I dont get pop up’s/sound ot anything letting me know a current event justhappened. I have gone through ALL cams notification tabs, plus the App itself confirming notifications with sound are on. No change.

Try to “reset services” in each cameras settings.(unfortunately you will need to do it 1-by-1).

It’s in the same menu as restart camera.

After I did this my cam+ services came back but everything during the time since the update is not saved except if you have local SD cards.

Did the “reset services” on each of my cameras; however, cam+ services did not come back - when I got to account/services, it identifies as CAM UNLIMITED but I cannot add cameras to it.

I just reset all cams…Nothing changed. Amazon just came and my App didnt show a push notification. Only way to see an event is open the App and go to Events.
Everything else works as it should. All my cams have “Push” notifications active so…

Make sure push notifications are enabled in the account section of the app.

I have all set up correctly with push enabled. Even at the App itself in my Android Apps for notifications. I have both sound and detections enabled on all cameras.

My wife is walking all around outside gardening and I am NOT seeing any motion detections. This only started about time this new unlimited started. I did reset all 8 of my cams, still ‘0’ notification pop ups

Do you mind to submit your log and share it with me? I can help to take a look. Thanks!

I read online about making a log. Sounds complicated. Is there an easier way? I have 8 cams and a Outdoor Cam with 3 Cams linked. I do have SD in all cams. I can maybe take the Base Station Outdoor can SD card. Because these 3 cams are the ones I am more concerned with.

A camera log is basically a firmware log, and you will need an SD card to collect it. For app log, you don’t need an SD card.

Here are the instructions to retrieve your camera log:
(please do not unplug your device after issue happened, otherwise the log will be lost)

1. Insert your micro SD card into the camera SD card slot (at the base of the camera). If it is already in the device, please take it out and reinsert the card
2. After hearing two ding sounds (in about 5 seconds), take out the SD card
3. Use a PC or a Mac machine to read the SD card. Under the root directory, there will be a log file starting with “log_9451” or “log_A4DA”. That is the log file we need. If you see more of the log files, please select the one matching your device MAC ID (at the bottom of your camera).

In the monitoring tab of the app, did you complete the “setup wizard”?
This lets you define the notification status for Home, Away & disarm for each camera.

If the events are triggering but you are not receiving the push notifications out sounds like you are in Home mode where by default there are no push notifications?

As an example below I had to manually setup the outdoor cameras to have push notifications when set to home.

I followed your suggestion and will see the results tomorrow…However, the 3 Cams that are critical are not supported. These 3 are my wire free Outdoor using the base station. These 3 are pointed to 3 of the outside areas where I have no AC power. They used to ping me 24/7 when a car is coming up my driveway and at porches.

The remaining 5 cams are indoors and I have a “Rule” that these do not go online until midnight and off at 7am. I have this rule to prevent hundreds of push notices as we are walking around.

To recap…the push notifications that are no longer working are the 3 Outdoor base wirefree cams. These are basically all I care about to ping me whena car is coming.