Outdoor Cam NOT detecting or recording motion

Trimming some of the plants might help as well!

I might, but am holding off any landscaping until I see reliable patterns out of the OWC.

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hmm, nighttime PIR is not firing, back to the drawing board for placement/settings.

@harner.bill You have to manually adjust the detection zone… and by that I mean the lower 2/3rds of the camera view look to be hardcoded to detect motion… therefore to adjust your detection zone you need to manually re-position your camera.

Just turned off notifications on my V2, turned on notifications on my WOC and walked by it twice. No notification from the WOC.

Just wondering… did you have a live stream going while you were walking by? Or were you running a Scheduled Recording?

Ok. Same problem as everyone else. Have a support ticket but don’t know if they are even working on it.
Only thing to add that I find strange is that if I bring the outdoor cam inside the house it picks up motion, sends notifications and records 12 sec events just fine. Then take it outdoors and no motion, notifications or events. Tried this back & forth numerous times and have reported this to support.
BTW> when outdoors the cam shows live video and sound just fine but no motion recording. The only difference I can think of is when indoors no magnetic base attached as when outdoors.
I had also pre-ordered a 2nd outdoor cam but had it cancelled since the original doesn’t work as advertised. May also have to send back outdoor bundle but it will cost me the original shipping plus return shipping. Guess I could use it indoors if the outdoor cam doesn’t work outdoors! :rage:

After reading your post, it dawned on me that you may have accidentally hit on something interesting.

Would you mind trying it outside again without using the magnetic base and see if by chance that makes any difference at all

I did briefly by setting it on car sun roof & didn’t seem to matter. Need to further test in multiple locations outdoors. Just trying to isolate possible causes. Doesn’t really make sense so far.

Are you all sure you are connecting successfully through the base station when outside?
If you don’t have an SD card and aren’t connected - it can’t save the motion capture

Also there is a trace mode which connects the phone to the WCO without the base - is the live video from a direct connection ?

Connected thru base with a strong signal. Shows live feed. No motion. Have 32GB cards in both base & cam.
Not setup in travel mode.

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Mine has never detected motion, with everything set up correctly and me watching myself walking through the middle of the detection zone, sensitivity and distance set to max, nothing!

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You did that with the base off the camera?

Is it really hot out where you are? If so, I wonder if the PIR sensor is having trouble picking up the difference in temps between outside temp and a person. When you bring it inside in the AC, the temp difference is a lot more pronounced and easier to detect motion. My guess at least…

Yes it is hot in Phoenix & I thought about that. The cam is advertised to work up to 122 & it isn’t that hot.
It is not in any direct sun. Also it gets down to 79 (same as inside) in early morning & night. Still no motion detection.

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Issues here as well… detects and saves 12sec motion but not consistently. Also had issues with base not recognizing microSD but cam recognized just fine. Cam seemed to recognize microSD on base within it’s advanced settings. Used cam to format microSD in cam and swapped with base. After the swap, both worked fine. Ran microSD format on base and cam microSD and all appears well except for nothing appears to be getting recorded now. Events showing up (whenever it feels like it) but not seeing any storage consumed. Haven’t tried manual recording yet but really don’t care if that works since it’s something I wouldn’t use (at least very often). Just sharing info to document experience hoping Wyze will be able to push some updates fairly quick!

UPDATE: base seems to flip it’s microSD status from showing storage use/capacity to not being recognized. I’ve reseated, swapped, reseated, and swapped again just to be sure and have had consistent results with base microSD status flipping back and forth between present/not present.

There is only 4 things I can think of at this point>

  1. The magnet when outside vs inside
  2. The temperature difference between outdoors & indoors
    I have pretty well eliminated these.
  3. The motion detection devices in the cameras
    This seems unlikely if it works inside & not outside
  4. The server and software that motion detections are sent to that also sends back
    the notifications.
    This seems to me to be the most likely. On the other side of the coin, I would think Wyze would have thoroughly tested this before putting a product out. However, after reading about how they are now operating I would not be surprised that they did not. Putting out a big new product on the market like this that doesn’t work as advertised seems totally irresponsible!

Currently you will not have anything saved to the camera SD unless you are doing a timelapse or a scheduled recording/manual recording.

If you have back up events to the base turned on, a copy of the cloud events should be saved to the base SD. Currently to view the backups on the base you need to take the card out of the base and view on a PC.

Thanks for the info @kjay. Appreciate it!

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When you have the camera in your desired location you can try triggering a recording using another wyze product like sense or a V2 to see if the base is communicating with the camera properly.

If that works then you could test the PIR in the desired location, try activating it with movements lateral to the camera and if possible have someone watch the back of the camera when you are trying to trigger it. If the blue LED on the back of the camera is not lighting up then the camera is not waking up to your movements.