Outdoor Camera not recording?

Same here… Outdoor Cam installed since Friday, only alerts/events on Friday and on Sunday, I have mine installed as my “driveway” cam and no events from Saturday or Monday even though we had plenty of traffic in the driveway with cars and kids…

What’s your battery usage been like? They say 3-6 months on a full charge :joy: I fully charged one last night and already down to 80% with no recordings.


Mine is actually at 95% that’s one whole day it’s been on also me messing around with it trying to figure out what’s going on

Appears to be a common problem as I am having the same issue, nothing records when motion is detected.

Have 32 gig micro sdcard in Base Unit and 32 gig mico sdcard in Outdoor Cam. Battery was fully charged and shows 97% as of today. When looking at live video can see motion tagging going on in the detection zone but nothing gets recorded. Have messed around with distance and sensitivity but nothing seems to help. Cool down is set at 1 Minute.

BTY, tried a 64 gig micro sdcard in Base Unit and it refused to recognize it. Same card is good in windows 10.

Also, when I am in Live View mode and then look at Album and then return to Live View all I see is a black screen where the video should be. I have to back out of the Outdoor Cam and then select it again to get video again.

If I select ’ Record ’ I can see that in Album as a video and if I select ’ Take Photo ’ I can see that in Album as a photo so the camera is manually recording to the micro sdcard but records nothing during motion.

Another thing, how does one go about looking at the micro sdcard contents in Base Unit. I can see it in settings and can see that space is being taken up, apparently by my manual recordings above. Do you have to physically remove the micro sdcard and insert it in another device to look at what is on it?

At this time, I can in no way recommend the Outdoor Cam as it stands.

Maybe I am doing something wrong but have been able to get several V2 cams working and a couple of Pan Cams going. I have experienced, along with at least three friends that have V2 cams, the issue with micro sdcards ending up as write only. Definitely something going on there. Could be the micro sdcards we use, don’t know.

Same issue here, installed had motion for a few hours updated firmware now no motion will get it to record. No sd cards just cloud. Battery is at 99% after 1 1/2 days for those looking into battery drain.

You are addressing a lot of separate problems. I’ll touch on a few… the workings of this outdoor cam are very different from the v2 and pan cams. When the outdoor cam detects motion, video is not recorded to your SD card… it is only sent to the cloud.

Unfortunately, events will not trigger if you are viewing a live stream with this cam.

At this time, there is no way to view the footage on the base via the Wyze app. Wyze is reportedly working on this functionality for a future release.

Your 64GB card is formatted to exFAT standards. v2 and pan cams recognize this format, but the outdoor cam and base can not. You need to reformat your 64GB card to FAT32 standard. To do this, please see the following:

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@Seapup, Thanks for the clarification and how features really work.

Still, at this point I just can’t see any future for this product for my personal use. My V2s and Pan Cams do what I need.

One thing I have been thinking about is using Travel Mode for a location that does not have access to WiFi. A relative has exactly this with his boat and asked me how he could record people that come around when he is not there and it might be a solution for him. All of this assumes that the Outdoor Cam would record motion to the micro sdcard either on the camera or base unit and if he would be able to view all that on his phone using the Wyze app when at the boat.


It will work for your relative with caveats… as is currently, he’ll either get 12-sec motion events from the cloud with notifications or he’ll need to enable scheduled recording to an SD card with no notifications. The 12-sec limitation will be remedied with the upcoming incorporation of CamPlus, but this will be a subscription service. Having no events and notifications while running scheduled recording means he’ll have to tediously go through footage manually as there are no markers indicating motion events. I don’t know what Wyze’s plans are for incorporating events with scheduled recordings… it’s probably not likely. If 12-sec events are good enough for him or if he’s willing to wait and pay for the upcoming CamPlus, this is a good fit for his needs.

I bought into these cams for those times when I need a quick, temporary feed or capture of a location where running power is either not an option or defeats the stealth aspect of cams. I’ve been playing with these for only 2 days, but I’m impressed so far. But I really need CamPlus on these outdoor cams as 12-sec doesn’t cut it for any scenario of mine.

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When Pre-ordering the outdoor Outdoor camera where did it say you needed to have Cam Plus to be able to Record events didn’t say anything about using the cloud servers or its required. I own six V2’s cameras all with their own SD cards I was expected this outdoor camera version to work as the same . I cannot recommend this product the other cameras are great but for the outdoor camera it’s pretty much worthless right now to me without using the SD card as local recording I never use the cloud never . Can you say false advertisement? Expecting it to work like their other cameras nowhere on the box or when pre-ordering did it say cam plus was required to Record events .


[quote=“Viewing playback on outdoor cam Ask the Community, post:36, topic:114319”]
Something to keep in mind, especially for those reporting lack of events and/or notifications issues… When you enable Time-lapse, Scheduled Recordings, or view the Live Stream on an outdoor cam…

LET ME UNDERSTAND THIS CORRECTLY-- you are saying that if i am looking at it on my phone it will not record? Does that make sense?
Can you please tell me what my settings need to be to even get it to record. EXACT settings.I want it to record 24 hrs a day please.
And tell me why it is sucking batters life? I have a 3 min cooldown time.

same problem here. i installed a 32gb SD card in the base and the camera. still can’t record any clips. can’t see any in the cloud either :frowning: it is an outdoor security cam so hopefully nothing bad happens before i figure it out…

please advise,

Same issues but I call BS. I’m a software engineer and I’ve been playing with it over the last hour trying a bunch of different situational tests. Something isn’t working right. I’ve been able to get to trigger only 2 event thus far both of which have been uploaded to the cloud, both of which are visible in the app just like my other Wyze cameras. What I have noticed is the camera does go into hibernate mode what appears to be quite frequently (the light turns off). When it comes back on (blue), it doesn’t trigger on events.

here’s the kicker - the only time I’ve been able to get the camera to record Inadvertently while holding/moving it and it both cases the recording was sub 12 inches away from the camera when it started. One time was to put it into the magnetic mount, the other was to ensure the SD card was correctly seated. I have, thus far, never gotten it to trigger a motion event that is uploaded to the cloud and visible in my app while it’s just sitting there REGARDLESS of if I’m viewing the app or not.

I now have it sitting in a high activity area and it still hasn’t recorded once. Since it does however then event triggered recording does work, it’s just intermittent. Here’s the kicker though - because no local copy is available from the device and you can only view from the cloud, there really is no way to determine where in the event chain things aren’t working. You either get a notification and everything worked correctly or you don’t and nothing appears to have worked at all.

Every feature I see, when viewing the live stream, appears to work otherwise.


Same issue with the outdoor cam here. Although, I will add that since I added the Outdoor cam to my network, I also see that my PanScan Cams are also not recording or notifying any events. I was playing around with them trying to see what was going on. I enabled motion tracking and motion tagging on all the cameras so I could tell that they were detecting motion, but not a single image, not a single video was recorded. I used to be a big fan of Wyze, but the experience with this Outdoor Cam has really soured me on them as a company. Not only would I not recommend the Outdoor Cam at this point, but I wouldn’t recommend any of their products.

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so my outdoor cameras, have two, worked fine for about three weeks, now I can’t get them to come back online. I’ve deleted them and tried to set up again but they will not pair. I started to notice that they weren’t recording motion for a few days and now nothing. They are charged and they light up, have voice, etc. Is there a way to reset them or the base like the regular wyze cams?

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Completely agree. To me this is a failed product launch. If it were a software failure we’d have a patch/hot fix by now. That indicates it’s failed hardware. Even if they replace all of the failed hardware, I’m not liking how these new cameras work when joined in with my existing Wyze cameras. How they record, when they record, and to where They record to is different which creates a strangeness when they all come together as a single monitoring solution. If given an opportunity, I’d return mine and go back to wired.

These are better designed to watch wildlife.

Out of curiosity, did they both stop functioning at the same time?

My understanding is no, the Outdoor cams work differently and can’t be changed.

yes they did

To add some detail: I have followed all the instructions for setting up the Outdoor cam, setting the sensitivity high, cool down to 1 minute, etc. Looking at Events in the app, I see it detected the motion of me leaving at 5:59 this morning, returning at 7:41, walking back out at 7:44, and back in at 8:10. The Events screen shows ALL of these Motion events. Not a single video recorded, not a single photo was taken. I turned on my indoor cameras early this morning, with Motion Tracking and Motion Tagging enabled on all 4 of them. Looking at the Events on the app, I can see every single time I walked by one of those cameras as a Motion event, and again: not a single video recorded, not a single photo was taken. This is completely ridiculous! I have had these indoor cameras since March, and used to have them on all the time when I was traveling a lot. They sent me notifications of every single movement, and captured photos and video. Since the coronapocalypse started and I’ve been home more, they’ve been off. But since I got the Outdoor camera, I’ve had them on trying to troubleshoot the recording issues. So, they’re up to date on firmware, and power-cycled a couple times a day, generally. Still, nothing is working now.

Here’s my theory: Wyze has made some firmware change in advance of CamPlus coming out, and that firmware change has killed local recording. I don’t believe it was intentional, just sloppy work. Wyze needs to get their act together and get these issues resolved ASAP.


So here’s an update. I put one back on the charger and charged to 100%. When I tried turning back on, it worked! I’m going to try charging the other tonight and see what happens. I’ve deleted it completely and have been trying to set up again. So we’ll see how this works or how they keep working.

Oh that’s interesting. Did you power it off to charge or leave it on?