Wyze Cam v2 motion sensor triggering on cloud shadows

I keep getting motion alerts on my camera pointing out a window and when I look at the event, it’s just a cloud passing in front of the sun. If I turn down the sensitivity, then I get zero alerts at all. I’m using detection zones for just my front steps (which don’t seem to be working in Beta? Or maybe it’s just the motion tagging boxes that no longer pop up?) and the detection zone is quite small. It’s picking up shadows on sunny days and it’s quite annoying. But the alternative is no alerts at all. I keep decreasing the sensitivity and there’s no happy medium. Thoughts?


I think Wyze uses something called pixel shifting. So movements from plants, shadows, bugs, insects, etc, would trigger an alert.

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there is a solution you might want to look into. @Drift is correct in that the cameras detect “motion” by changes in pixels. so even a change in lighting ( clouds, headlights, atomic blasts) will trigger a recording. but Wyze has released Wyze Sense and included in the kit (or bought separately) are motion sensors. this motion sensors work on PIR or passive infra red which is changes in the ambient heat of the environment. so a person would give off body heat which is a change from the general environment which in turn you could make trigger a camera/ multiple camera recordings.

search the Wyze shopping area and look for information on Wyze sense.

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Thanks for the info