Change "Motion Detection" to "Activity Detection"

Wyze might be wise to change all references of “Motion Detection” to “Activity Detection” because things like the sun coming out from the clouds will set it off.


Very true. Pixel changes do not necessarily represent “motion”. But thanks for the great cameras anyway!

Yea this is killing me. Light on. The sun. Anything triggers it. And I have the sensitivity set super low and the box is this little tiny area on my front porch. I get 15-20 alerts a day of just sun, sometimes I can’t even see what the trigger is. Otherwise, love :blush:

My cameras too have similar zone detection issue. The east facing camera, looking at my driveway and entrance porch through the kitchen window, suffers from endless activation as the sun light reflection dance on the glass.

Once Wyze gets artificial intelligence person detection perfected it will be much easier. Just tell the app you only want to look at the events when a person is detected.