Can’t get over technical support for outdoor camera issue

I’m disappointed that i’ve had 3 calls to Wyze help desk and can’t get a technical resource. After long call waits, I get a resource that is reading for a script of questions. They said they would raise a ticket with their technical support team for my outside camera not detecting motion events. They can’t give me a ticket number or a time when I will hear back. They can only say I have to keep an eye out for an email

It’s a brand new setup of the oudoor camera with Cam plus and SD card. They can’t help me

Has anyone else experienced support issues? Is there another route I can take to get the issue resolved or to get a new camera?

What are the issues and what are you trying to do?

Maybe you can find your answers here:

Unless I have the camera open in live stream in the Wyze app, it won’t detect motion and send me notifications . Even then, it’s inconsistent in when it detects motion. The documentation and support person assured me the app can be closed and I will still receive notifications, but I don’t.

I have an iPhone 12, iOS 16.1.2
I have Cam Plus and an SD card

Live stream works great! I’m not getting motion detect notifications, and that’s the whole reason for purchasing the outdoor camera

Are you seeing anything in the events tab at the bottom of the app? Or does that stop as well when you close the app?

Did you set notifications for WYZE on your phone settings?

Is detection motion on in the app?

Detection zone set?

Is your area to be recorded in the PIR Zone (Green) on the bottom area.

I checked all that and it still doesn’t work.

So I’m basically stuck now. I’ve tried everything suggested in the forum. Have had numerous email exchanges with technical support and we tried everything.

Should I just throw all of it away and try another company or is there any hope of a resolution? I’m invested money and about 20 hours of my time in this. It shouldn’t be this complicated

I have two of the outdoor v2 and they are sending motion notifications regardless of the app running status.
Are you finding anything in the events history?
I question connectivity status on mine so I have a couple of rules to force a short video to be captured a couple of times a day. They also show in the events history with automation tag.

I’ve had Wyze support team suggest a few times for various issues on my 20+ Wyze cameras that I delete the problem camera from my account and then add it back. It hasn’t solved all problems but it has resolved a few. Need to re-add it Cam+ also after re-adding it.

You may also want to try reformatting the SD card and also trying without the SD card.

I haven’t had the same issue as you so I can’t say that these suggestions will help but they’ve helped me with different issues.