No support?

I am having problems with my new Wyze Outdoor Camera V2, specifically within the Wyze app. I am unable to modify the event timing. I can change the settings but the camera ignores them and continues to prompt me to ‘upgrade’ to the Plus subscription. I have in fact upgraded to the Plus subscription.

After contacting Wyze support they informed me that because I purchased the upgrade though the Wyze app they could not help me and for me to contact Apple support.

Makes no sense to me, anyone else with this problem?


Have you assigned the camera to the subscription? Check the account > services tab in the app.

Yes, many times.

Since it looks like no one else has chimes in here, you could try deleting the camera from the app and setting it back up.


To prevent the thief protection feature from activating, make sure that the camera is ONLINE and VIEWABLE when you delete it, and make sure you delete the CAMERA FIRST, ensure it’s deleted and doesn’t show up in the app anymore, then delete the base station.

If the camera gets deleted when it’s offline it will brick. This is to prevent people from stealing it and using it/selling it, but it can also cause issues if you try to delete it intentionally.