Contact info for C-level management?


Today my Wyze Camera Outdoor simply stopped recording events silently. I was not notified at all, and was given an error that I needed to upgrade to app version 2.28. I already had 2.28. I contacted support and described the issue, and was told to power cycle the camera. I had already said that I can view the live stream and view an event from earlier this morning, so while it was clear that I was able to connect to the camera, support had no idea what to do.

I personally went through all of the settings and figured out that my camera had been un-enrolled in Cam Plus Lite without and notification whatsoever. I (again, figuring this out on my own) re-added my camera and it appears to be working for now. I do not, however, have any real confidence that a future update won’t also “accidentally” silently disable the functionality of the camera, but I have this sneaking suspicion that if I had the paid Cam Plus service that I wouldn’t be facing this problem. It is one of those “whoopsies” where people on the free tier had their cameras rendered worse than useless (I say worse than useless here because without having any warning or notification meant that I would have just assumed that I had a working security camera until I noticed that it wasn’t recording anything at any point.

I have requested a year of free Cam Plus to make up for this severe breach in trust and confidence, and that is when support simply ghosted me.

I would like the email addresses of at least one of the following people so that I can discuss how incredibly messed up this situation is: Yun Zhang, Dongsheng Song, Dave Crosby and/or Elana Fishman. I have exactly zero desire to talk to support any further since I know for a fact that I am being ignored. Further, I do not was assurances that this message “will be shared with management,” as I have no reason to believe that support will actually do that.

Your product and service failed in a spectacular way. It failed in such a way that it could have put my property at risk of being stolen or vandalized without me having any record of what happened. You pushed an update that turned my camera into nothing more than a prop. This needs to be addressed by someone with the actual ability to affect change and dole out restitution.

I look forward to a reply to this post that contains email addresses of the key managment in this company.

Uh, do you realize that this a user forum? Not Wyze? This is a group of Wyze users trying to help other Wyze users. There are no Wyze employees on this forum or even officially monitoring this forum.

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If you click the users from the menu and filter group to Wyze Team or follow the Wyze Team Link Wyzeteam - Wyze Forum, you can pull up the forum profile for all the Wyze Team Members on the forum and DM them directly. I know I just did a cursory scan and did see one of the cofounders there.

The Lite tier is brand new. It is extremely likely that you were never enrolled in it and missed all the e-mail warnings that you needed to opt in to that tier in order to avoid losing the cloud recording feature. It’s confusing I know.

It really didn’t have much to do with the new firmware pushes.