Requesting Help From Community Members....TYIA

I’ve sent at least 5 or 6 different tickets with logs in to Wyze Support asking for their assistance in this matter as it is extremely frustrating and high security issue.

I believe someone that I know is somehow changing the settings of my cameras so as not to be caught “on camera.” At least two or four times a week I am constantly going through each cameras settings to ensure any changes are reverted back to what they should be. What I am finding is the Event Recording settings get changes where all day is turned off and a time that is way outside of the time is replaced once turned off. The notifications are turned off so that I am not notified in the app. I wrote a thread here before about cameras not recording to the SD card when they loose network connection. Just the other day my Outdoor Cam recorded events to the cloud, but didn’t record any video events to the SD card, just pics of events. Found this out after pulling SD card to put files up in cold storage for safe keeping away from someone trying to obtain the video. I had seen and showed two specific events to one person to confront them about the video. Remember the video only upload to cloud storage and never recorded to SD card. The next morning I went back to pull clips one by one via app from cloud and those two evidence video clips were missing as if they had been deleted. Looking at the time of each clip is also appears that there are large gaps where footage was deleted. I know there’s supposed to be a “cool down” period but doesn’t look like it did.

I’ve searched without any success for any type of trash location or restore, anything of that nature where I could restore the deleted files but cannot locate anything hence why I reached out to Wyze Support for help in resolving this security issue and recovering files.

I’ve changed my app / account password numerous times as well as have 2FA enabled in. Third party authenticator app yet this keeps happening.

Today I found the outdoor Cam settings were changed in a different way than normal. Today the outdoor Cam detection zone setting was disabled under the detection area setting but the toggle switches for notification and event were left on. Basically making it look like it was on yet disabled down lower making the setting inoperable which is why I was not receiving allerts or able to see them inside as no triggers to record means no recording.

I have been working on building an external server using tinycam pro as well as an additional sever running NX. Trying to keep a handle on the basic settings keeping correct is taking up most of my time where it hinders my time available for completing these other tasks. I’ve also installed pfSense on an old laptop and converted it to be my firewall. This however does no good it someone is able to get access without needing access to my network.

I’m at a loss and can’t seem to find support or answers or even someone to brainstorm different ideas to resolve this matter. I personally thought that reporting a possible security issue to Wyze Support would have been triaged as top of list to check due to the sensitivity of security and possible breaching of accounts. I’m exhausted and mentally drained trying to get this stopped and be able to have peace once again. I would never want anything like this to happen to anyone else which is why I’m chasing the root cause so hard. Heck. It may turn out to be some kind of programming anomaly, but I’d like to know or hear that for sure from the “smart minds” that can answer this without a doubt as they wrote each piece of code and spent numerous late night hours going over each piece numerous times.

Thank you in advance for any ideas, help, and for even making it to the end of this post. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Super sorry to hear about this! As a heads up, logs go to devs and don’t get responses. Did you send any support tickets in separate from logs? If so, may I please have a support ticket number?

I’d also love to have those log numbers to send in with this report, if you have them handy.


You should change your password and enable MFA, you should also do the same for the email tied to the account. My understanding is that you can not change settings without access to the Wyze account.

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Please note that this email address is not monitored. If you currently have an open ticket with a Wyze Wizard, please reply back to that ticket with this ticket number 110453. This will help us get your log to the right place.

Don’t have a ticket open with us? Please reach out to our support team by visiting and clicking the Support button on the bottom right. You’ll be able to browse our support content, and reach out to our Wizards team directly for additional help.

Thank you for being a part of Wyze.

The Wyze Team

Thanks! That looks like a log! Have you opened a support ticket? That needs to be done through the support site.

Wyze Customer Support

i try to do everything thru the app itself which is what i did. I have previously opened support tickets via the support link in app.

If you get to the end point and have selected “EMAIL”, filled out the required information such as:

  • eMail address
  • Subject
  • Description (w/Log nyumbers)
  • First & Last name
  • What we can help you with. . . .

Then you will receive a Support Request Number.
A confirming eMail with the Support Request number in the Subject field will be sent as well.

For additional reading see: Two Factor Authentication

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Do you share the cameras with anyone in the app? I found out quickly that whoever you share the camera with in the app also has control over settings.

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