Suddenly started getting alerts, now stopped

I got alerts all of a sudden (I did not request), I rather liked it. That was for about 2 wks, now it stopped. I’d like to get alerts for humans too, do they still have that? Abject newbie to trying to really get use from my cameras. thanks.

Push Notifications are sent to your phone when triggered by an Event Upload to the cloud. So, there are two areas you need to look at to enable those settings.

The first area in the settings is “Event Recording”. This is where you select what events you want uploaded to the cloud.

The second area in the settings is “Notifications”. Once you have selected what gets uploaded, now you can designate which of those uploads sends you a Push Notification.

Person Notification is available on all cams with a Cam Plus Subscription. It is also available with Cam Plus Lite, however Cam Plus Lite is only available on the Wyze Cam v1, v2, v3, Pan v1, Pan v2, and Wyze Cam Outdoor v2.

Now I remember, I turned off push notifs. bc every time a moth flew by, it rang. But I have turned it back on anyway. Question, does person detection work? and also should I go ahead and update my cams to latest version ( from current (4.36.9139) or can problems arise? thanks.

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Yes. It does work. But, you have to tune each cam for it. It really depends on the objects that are in the cam’s field of view. I have 28 cams using Person Detection and I find that it is highly accurate when it does see a person. I would be confident saying that my cams don’t miss a Person Detection. It does give you false positives though. Right now I am dealing with a spider web on one of my cams that is triggering Person Detection. Have to get out the Webster.

That is up to you. I can tell you that there are significant upgrades to menus and features that you aren’t getting while on

But, isn’t the most up to date. is current. Once you update to, it will have you update again.

If you do update, only update one cam at a time. There have been many problems with .10 and .11 updates failing which then requires a manual flash locally to recover. There are risks to this if your network isn’t the most stable. I have all 16 of my V3 cams on .11, updated one at a time, and they all pulled thru and run fine.


manual flash means turning the cam off/on physically?

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No. That is a Power Cycle.

A manual Flash is downloading the firmware to a computer, extracting the Firmware install file to a SD Card, and performing a special power up procedure with the SD Card in the cam so that it installs the new firmware from the card.

oh dear. who tells you how to do this (if you are a newbie like me)?

We do. We are all here to help each other any time you need. There is a whole team of Community Volunteers in the Forum and many highly skilled and experienced users.

Wyze does have instruction pages in their Knowledge Articles though…


wow that is so great, thank you for your help!


You’re welcome! That is what the Forum is here for! Good luck!