No motion or person detection?!?

Pretty disappointed, see attached videos. I have sensitivity set to 84% and no detection zone on.

I am returning mine for a refund.

How do you go about doing that?

Hmm. I get a motion alert every time the slightest breeze whispers past my flag (and that’s WITH a detection zone trying to avoid it).


Mine as well. Sometimes I’ll get motion alerts when the sun changes slightly.
I’m surprised seeing this video that motion is not detected.


I think you have a configuration issue with your cam. Please double check your settings.

Are those clips shown in your event history?
What Cam do you have and on what FW? How long has this been going on for?

Make sure motion tagging and notifications are both on.

Hope this helps.

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Hello, yes I do indeed have motion tagging, event recording and notifications turned on when I do my tests.

The one that triggered as motion only did show in the events tab. The other did not show in events as it did not trigger motion OR person detection.

I have been having issues since I had the cameras and I have now been tweaking the settings for about a month. I am finding their accuracy not to be incredibly reliable.

I posted another video in a different thread also showing me walking around my car and it did not detect any motion at all.

But in particular I had quite a few issues yesterday with motion not being detected and then also with it falsely detecting person when there was none.

Don’t forget about the 5 minute cooldown period if you don’t have CamPlus. That will REALLY skew any active testing.

Also check your device settings to be sure you have notifications allowed for the Wyze app and check the app itself to be sure the bell icon does not have the little, incredibly hard to see, z’s thru it.

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I was just about to mention the cooldown window. You said that the sensitivity of your cam is 84%, which is pretty high.

It’s very possible that the cam picked up motion from something else such as a tree branch before you walked outside.

Based on the timestamps of the videos above, you should have received a motion notification for the second video only which has the earliest timestamp. The two other videos are both within the five minute cooldown window and you won’t get person or motion notifications on them.

Have you tested the cam in an indoor setting where outside factors are not likely to trigger motion?

Thanks, I do have CMC on these two cameras so the cool down shouldn’t be an issue.

Thanks for the thought.

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Thanks for the idea. I have made that mistake in the past as well. In this case I have checked that also.

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I am not getting the motion alert on my iPhone 11 Wyze app. I have triple checked all of the settings. What could be wrong?