Person not detected

Going to share another one to: I realize I need to clean my windows. :grimacing:

But I would have thought this would trigger at least motion.

Yeah other than the weird window angle / reflections there’s no good excuse for missing that one.

Other than Person Detection doesn’t really work that well. :slightly_smiling_face:

No he said it didn’t register as a motion event either.

How do I stop my camera from notifying me when anything moves???

I think Wyze is tinkering with their server.
I have a few instances of missing people. It indicates motion. send those clios to Wyze.

Wyze server was slow yesterday, kept fail to start Wyze app (one version behind)

From the original post.

Turn off notifications.

Two different clips,

For the second clip he said

I was reviewing a few missed person detection. The green box is very slow to capture the person.

Wyze server must be slow or internet?

These are very short clips for Cam+,5-6 seconds.
I thought Cam+ only worked on motion, CMC.

I don’t follow you. He’s saying he got no motion or person alerts for the second clip he posted here.

No idea about the clip lengths.

Oh, no alerts I thought he was saying the clips weren’t marked as motion or person.

Sorry, yes, I agree with you, I didn’t mean phone alerts, I meant recorded Events. He said he didn’t get a motion Event.

He’s got two threads going about the same issue which is confusing too.

Oh geez, didn’t even realize it was the same guy. I’m the one who just told him about the cooldown period. I had thought these were real people, not continuous testing. Then again, if he’s on CamPlus it shouldn’t matter.

Sorry for the confusion with two threads :grimacing:

I posted once and then got so frustrated and didn’t even think of just adding this to the other thread.

Yes these are real people in the photos. Both of these cameras so the cool down would not apply. I just recorded short clips to make the quicker to upload. In fact I used them to submit a log and they only allow a very short clip.


I was having a problem when I changed my camera to Cam Plus. It just quit recording events. They wouldn’t come up as notifications. Then I took my event back one day and then to the day I was recording and there they were. Once I did that I started getting notifications, but I still have to go back one day and then to the present to see the events.

Have you tried pulling down on the screen to refresh the events?

No I haven’t. But I will definitely give it a shot. Thanks