New to Wyze. First day with motion detection

Ok, so I have this Wyze camera pointing out my front window, I have person detection enabled. It captures every car going by. However, I have a lawn service that came today and spent about 30 minutes applying a lawn treatment, but I captured the last twelve seconds of this activity after they were finished. Later, we had a UPS driver pull up and make two separate trips to my front door with large boxes and there’s nothing on the camera. Nothing. I see the announcement about the motion detection issue, so I’m assuming this is just how it is with this camera? Should I just return this thing as it obviously doesn’t seem to do what it should.

Search the forum for 5-minute cooldown.

My recommendation: invest in a good micro-SD card and/or subscribe to the paid CMC service.


Here’s some info on the cooldown period. This is likely the reason you’re not seeing the events you think you should. However, you can upgrade to the Complete Motion Capture service if you’d like to capture more video. :slight_smile:

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