Continuous Motion Capture and Person Detection

Is Continuous Motion Capture compatible with Person Detection?

I recently had motion detected when my neighbor left her driveway. That’s no big deal. It happens from time to time. But this time UPS made a delivery about 30 seconds after she left. I received no notification of a person in the driveway, presumably because we were still on the Cool Down Period, which I believe is 5 minutes (right?). So not only did I not receive a notification of a person in the driveway, the motion event of the delivery didn’t get triggered. It was recorded on the SD card but without the PD notification, I would not have known to look or where on the recording to look.

Person Detection is still considered to be in beta. One of primary reasons is that it is not YET compatible with CMC. Wyze is still working on making them work together. That is discussed here:

For non-CMC events, you are correct that if the initial 12 second video does not contain a person, and then a person appears during the 5 minute cooldown, there will not be a PD event registered.