Recording said person detected but

I’ve been getting notifications person detected on my cam pan but when I click on it there’s no one at all.
Anyone else having the same issue?

Even when you play back the relevant event recording? There should be a green box around whatever it thinks caused the motion, and whatever else is in frame that looks like a person would have triggered the notification.

Is there any pixel changes in the event clip? Can you upload one of the events here for some show and tell? Did you submit the video to help teach the AI? Thanks in advance!

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@Customer and @Omgitstony are spot on with there input.

Also note, in the past that Alexa (assuming you are using Alexa) was delayed in providing the actual notifications. I was receiving notifications hours aftert hey occurred, not recently but do experience delays from Alexa or even multiple notifications for the same event. Sometimes diabling and then enabling the Skill helps with this.

The New App 2.22 really pumped up the sensitivity. For person.

I have to crank the sensitivity to 36%.

If you get an incorrect AI tag, my advice is to submit the clip with correct tags, eventually the AI will improve.

Edit : AI not AT

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I’m trying to find the video again. It happened sometimes last week

I do not use Alexa.
It prolly just glitch but, but terrifying when you tried to watch the video with person tag but no one.

Sorry about that, went to Alexa as I knew there has been some issues.

I agree that this could be concerning. Do you have Motion Tag Turned on? When you find one which corresponds to the time the notification was sent, you may be able to determine what is triggering it.