Person detection for CamPlus Lite no longer functional with Aexa

I was just looking at my Wyze cameras in the Alexa app and noticed most show person detection is disabled and are on CamPlus Lite. This was working the last time I checked. The only thing that changed was I had to re-link my Wyze account in Alexa.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

I thought I remembered an issue with this, but in running searches, I couldn’t find anything, so maybe it is new. It definitely used to work before because I used to use it. You should add it to the Fix it Friday thread this weekend. Make sure to be clear that the functionality used to be there and work fine, and it only recently stopped working, thus it is a bug (something that used to work and now suddenly doesn’t), not a feature request.

Yeah, it seems flaky. Some of them work and some don’t. Can’t find any rhyme or reason as to which do and which don’t. Very frustrating, just like the fact that you can’t use CamPlus Lite PD for rules.

That was probably the bug I was thinking of before.

Hmm, my person announcements have kept working on Lite.

What’s new is that two of my cameras stopped working with TinyCam. For the first time I found that I needed to do the “check” operation to get it working again.