Unable to Add/Remove Cameras from CamPlus Lite

I’m trying fix an issue with Alexa integration which shows Person Detection being disabled for some of my cameras that are included in CamPlus Lite. Some show person detection announcements enabled in Alexa and some show it disabled.

I just went into the Wyze app to try to disable and re-enable CamPlus Lite on some of the non-working cameras but I am unable to make ANY changes to the cameras. I can’t add any cameras nor can I remove CamPlus Lite from any cameras.

I tried on both my iPad and iPhone.

iOS iPhone: 15.4.1
Wyze App: 2.30.0 (a14)

iOS iPad: 15.4.1
Wyze App: 2.30.0 (a14) and 2.31.0 (2)

Log 568105

I’ve received a response from Wyze support saying this is a known problem. Once you assign a camera to CamPlus Lite, the only way to remove it is to move it to CamPlus and then remove CamPlus. From the support email:

Since no option yet to unassign the camera from Cam Plus Lite, as a workaround, you have to assign the camera to the Cam Plus service and that camera will be removed from Cam Plus Lite. After that, you have to unassign the camera from Cam Plus license so you can add it back to your Cam Plus Lite service.

That’s fine if you HAVE a CamPlus subscription.

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Has this been fixed yet from WYZE Support where we could directly remove a camera from CamPlus Lite?

No…still can’t do it without moving the camera to CamPlus first.

Same issue here since they changed to cam lite. Royal pain in the butt and it’s still festering! According to @wyzeMark in an earlier thread, I was one of very few to have this problem. In other words, don’t hold your breath waiting for a fix!

I’m actually thinking to get a new cam to add camplus pro so I can get the monitoring certificate since new house ins offers a hefty discount. But I got to thinking to maybe just assign it to one of my V2 that’s “stuck” in this cam lite acct snafu. After I get discount I can remove the pro from the cam and see if camlite can be assigned, But I’m concerned my other cam that’s “stuck” might leave my acct services in this snafu and break all services or leave my acct impossible to add cam lite. History tells me 2 things - if it’s working, as of right now both cams do have PD and 14 days of video, then don’t mess with it and, 2) it’s really, really hard to trust wyze to get this fixed.

I must assume you don’t have the Home Monitoring Service…is that correct? You probably already know you can’t have HMS and CamPlus Pro.

I think the moral of the story is once you assign a camera to Lite, you can’t remove it, so don’t ask.


No home monitoring. Really just looking to get a certificate for insurance discount since we’re in this little gated and guarded community that has only one access gate and surrounded by water. Thinking cam+pro is cheapest option.

Only 450 houses here / like a tiny safety zone amidst the generally crime riddled SoFlo. A short way from here are both gated but unguarded and also ungated communities and they all experience some level of crime, mostly theft/burglary. If I were in one of those areas, I’d probably look for something more reliable than wyze.

As I think more about it, adding a new v3 is a cheap option that should eliminate any worry about trying to switch out an existing V2 that I cannot yet unselect from camlite (more likely legacy pd that failed to properly update - my old invoice shows it running through 2069… I surely will expire before it does!)

So current state of affairs:

I do everything wyze asks of me spending hours upon hours trying to explain my problem over and over, so that someone on here, support or discord or wherever might actually grasp the confounding issue of not being able to clear out the camlite service from my app - unsubscribed on web and web account shows no camlite, no services. So I go through and do the suggested cam resets. Everyone at wyze said removing the cams will unbind the service and I’ll be back to normal. First cam to add back to acct offers camplus trial, ok fine. Second cam to reset and add back now showed a cheerful popup to opt-in to camlite - ok, let’s try it, trusting I was now free of the corrupt service and I’d get a new signup opportunity. Bad decision - the gurus at wyze were wrong! The service did not disappear from my app, that original camlite apparently is stuck in my acct forever, this cam is back to square one! Which means I do get the video and PD but no toggle options for video or wyze AI events or whatever they call it for the normal camlite. I guess I should be thankful these functions still work.

I would take blame if I screwed up. But this is not my fault other than accepting that original offer to auto transition my legacy PD. Others did the same. Who knows, maybe it’s just my account that’s messed up. I understand it’s hard to put resources into fixing one account or a handful. But it’s also hard to accept as a customer.

So now the brilliance of support suggests I create a new account and start fresh! Really? I don’t have a lot, but it is still a royal pain - is it now no longer absurd to tell a customer - Yes, sir, not your fault, but we can’t fix this problem so your only option is to live with it or delete your account, reset all your devices and add them back to start fresh.

Well, for once. I’d like to hear Wyze take some ownership for their flaws - Wyze is far too cavalier pushing the burden to fix things on the customer. Well at least the functions work and I guess I’m thankful it failed towards my benefit rather than the other way.

Rant over!

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CamPlus Lite doesn’t have the other AI selections for pets, packages, etc. Here are screenshots of my settings:

exactly I cannot select Person to avoid any of the other motion notifications like a normal cam lite… this is my primary complaint - I get a ton of needless notifications so have to turn down sensitivity to around 20 0r so and then it misses a lot of the delivery people. Very frustrating! Basically Wyze is saying I should just pack up and go elsewhere if I am not willing to do all the heavy lifting… gets tiring trying to be supportive.

here’s today’s results:

I moved camplus to patio cam - entry cam was then left out of everything. I moved camplus back to entry cam, patio cam now unassigned. Shutdown app on both devices. Open app, the old camlite is still there, still has option to assign to patio. I ignore. I go to web services and sign up for camlite - free. App shows both now - old as “web”, new as “free”. See photo. I assign patio to the new free. Looks same as old camlite, no option for video or stills, no option for person notifications. Clear cache twice, sign out, shutdown app. Open app, login, no change - no video/still option, no person notification option! This sucks big time!

@WildBill, did you get any indication from support is this was just an iOS problem or is it on Android as well?

Has there been any resolution?

No indication if it was just iOS and never got any kind of solution from support other than to move the camera from CamPlus Lite to CamPlus then remove from CamPlus.

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CamPlus Lite has really been a major strategic blunder by Wyze. I have a v2 camera that is supposedly licensed with CamPlus Lite, but yet I cannot turn on “Person Detection” in the camera settings>Event Recording>Smart Detection menu. It’s grayed out. Ridiculous. And apparently, as you folks are discussing, there is no easy way to remove and re-add the CamPlus Lite license. And to add to the weirdness, what I am getting in my events view, are still images from this camera. I thought that feature was sunset as there is no way to toggle video/images on/off anymore. Uggh.

Also, I have anoher v2 camera with the same firmware version, and the CamPlus LIte license, that camera works fine; I can select Person Detection and I get the notifications of person detection and video clips.

I actually have 2 cam lites and neither one works as it did prior to this cluster snafu. With the prior PD I had the selection for only the PD notifications, now I only have motion so in order to keep from getting bombarded with a notification for every tree shadow, I have to minimize the sensitivity which causes it to miss most of the persons.

Neither of the camlite offers the PD notification option or the video/still option - however I get some persons detected and I get the video. I cannot switch from one to the other and the only way to get a cam out of either cam lite is to either get a cam plus, assign the cam then cancel the plus or delete cam, reset cam and then it is out of camlite. I can unsubscribe on the web acct but that only deletes to top one, the that says web is stuck forever and if selected the same missing options remain regardless. It’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever experienced with any tech service ever.

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