Cam Plus Lite Not Saving Camera Assignments

I was experiencing connectivity issues and created a separate 2.4ghz network specifically for wyze cameras. This required me to remove all the wyze cams from the app and clear the app’s cache/data. After setting up the cameras on the 2.4 ghz network, I no longer experience connectivity issues. The problem now is with my Cam Plus Lite subscription. I am unable save the cameras after checking all the boxes in the cam plus lite service section. I have tried this on my cell phone and on my PC. I will share screenshots from the PC because that is what I am currently using:

Screenshot 1 shows a list of my eligible cameras:

Screenshot 2 shows the boxes being checked and the “Update cameras” button being clicked:

Screenshot 3 shows a success message.

After clicking the “Select cameras” button subsequent times, the same eligible camera list is displayed as in screenshot 1 with none of the boxes checked. None of my cameras are recording event videos (only still pictures) and I am not receiving any motion notifications.

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I am having the exact same problem. Did you ever get this fixed? If so, how?

No, I just posted my issue this morning.

Having the same issue. Mine started late last week.

Just an FYI, if order to change the WiFi network of a camera on your account, you DO NOT need to delete the camera first. Just do the setup again onto the new WiFi. All the camera settings and rules except the camera name will be retained.

Wyze is aware of the problem and is allegedly working to fix it, but I’m not convinced.

Good to know, WildBill. Sounds like your case involves moving between Cam Plus and CPL licenses, while mine occurs without any Cam Plus licenses involved. Probably the same root cause. I submitted a log as well. Yikes, you started looking into this in February?

Exact same problem here. Checkboxes won’t stay checked on new V3 cameras. Same results whether on app or website account. Wyze issued me a ticket number but no estimate on resolution. Between the security breaches and now these bugs I am beginning to rethink Wyze products.

Installing an older app version as suggested in this thread allowed me to reassign my cameras to the service: