Cannot add cameras to Cam Plus Lite

I bought two new Wyze cam v3 that I wanted to add to my Cam Plus Lite service. However, when I tried to add them (both from the app and not only were they not added, but my two older Wyze cams were also removed from my Cam Plus Lite service, when I used add all feature!

In the android app under my Cam Plus Lite → Manage Camera, I can see all four cameras, but nothing happens after I check them and hit Continue.

Now I just noticed that I cannot even see my Cam Plus Lite plan under anymore. It is still in the android app, but I fear it’ll disappear with the next app update :confused:

I have been in contact with customer service that ended up writing “The Engineers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix as we speak”

Any ideas, except waiting for the engineers?

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Found a solution: