Cam plus subscription not working

Is it just me or is this currently happening to others. When i go to my cam subscription on the app i am no longer able to see all the cameras that are linked. Also when i go to the web to unlink the cameras nothing happens when i click on it. A few days ago i was able to click on the box next to the camera and it would say successful, but when i go back in to check the camera is still link. Now i can’t when do that. Wyze services has yet to find a solution. I feel the level of issues this company has is more than any other. Kinda disappointing.

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Are you using Cam Plus Lite, Cam Plus, or Cam Plus Unlimited?

I have Cam Plus Lite and ALL of my V2 and V3 cameras got “unregistered” (by WYZE or some failed software, maybe?) on 4/13.

Do you have any other CamPlus subscriptions? Many of the issues seem to be related to Wyze “improving” the user experience by automatically moving all cameras to CamPlus Unlimited, if you have a subscription.

No, the only subscription I have is to Cam Plus lite. And it is active according to the app.

I purchased the two camera plan for both of my V2’s. But the plan will only allowing one to attach. I have called wyze support twice with them saying “we will email you and get the bottom of it”. Nothing has happened. I also just read an article in the wall street journal about how bad wyze’s customer service is via phone and chat. I’m guessing this is why its not fixed. Ugh…

Hi, tink406, I reply to your other thread, hope I can help to fix the issue for you. Let me know.

I cant submit a log, but here is the error. It happens on both the app and computer when i try and add the second camera onto cam plus.